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Fun-Park Hirtshals

9850, Hirtshals

Come and experience Fun-Park. Here is something for all kids and their parents. Fun-Park is a 30 acres big farm, where you can meet many different species of animal. You can pet the goats, feed the de...

Welcome to Skovlunds Dyr, Ilbjerge, Hjørring. Welcome to Skovlunds Dyr. Discover the old Danish farm in beautiful surroundings, meet various ornamental birds, the little calf shetl...

Farm Fun

9982, Ålbæk

Farm  Fun for the whole family.

At the huge site you´ll find more than 500 animals & birds. Many of which can be stroked. Have fin on bouncy castles, large hay barn, aerial ropeway, fishing cutter, ...

Nymarksminde FarmPark

9310, Vodskov

Do you want to learn more about the farm animals? At the Nymarksminde FarmPark, the children will meet, touch and learn about all animals on a real, Danish Farm.

Nymarksminde has experiences for ch...

© VisitAalborg

Aalborg Zoo

9000, Aalborg

Step into the wild at Aalborg Zoo. Hear the roar of the lion at feeding time, come eye to eye with an orangutan, watch polar bears frolic in the water and give the children a hands-on experience at ...

© Family Farm Fun Park

Family Farm FUN PARK

9480, Løkken

Adventure park and petting zoo for the entire family!
Lots of different animals that you can pet. Indoor & outdoor play areas: pedal cars, merry-go-round, slide, swings, bouncy mattress, bouncy castl...

Hjortdal Dyrepark

9690, Fjerritslev

Animal park with many different small animals - ponyes, rabbits and pigs....

© VisitMariagerfjord

Hobro Mini Zoo

9500, Hobro

Hobro Mini Zoo is the ideal place for a family trip or excursion company. You can see white and blue peacocks, nose bears, lamas and birds from different parts of the world, and other animals.

For t...

Jyllands Park Zoo

6920, Videbæk

Get close to the animals Jyllands Park Zoo is a perfect place for families. The park is designed so toddlers and older children can touch some of the animals. On the approx. 18 hectares you ...


8600, Silkeborg

AQUA Aquarium & Zoo in Silkeborg is a family-friendly discovery centre featuring northern Europe’s largest freshwater aquarium and a lovely nature park with an abundance of animals found in the Danish...

Meet the world’s biggest owls! Silkeborg Rovfugleshow is now opening the doors and once again inviting the public inside the fascinating world of the birds-of-prey. In a humorous and instructive manne...

Randers Regnskov

8900, Randers C

Randers Rain Forest is located in the centre of Randers, between Randers City and the river Gudenåen. One of Denmark's biggest tourist attractions, featuring three different rain forest continents und...

© Annelise Munkholm Zoo

Munkholm Zoo Djursland is a nice place where you can find animals, which normally belong on a farm such as calves, pigs, sheep, goats, geese and ducks. There are also exotic animals such as racoons, c...

© Ree Park Safari

Give your family an experience for life in Djursland’s large safari park. Get close to wildanimals from 5 continents in unique surroundings and participate in the many activities ofthe day.

Safari ...

© Skandinavisk Dyrepark

Skandinavisk Dyrpark …people are also welcome

Animals having a wild time
In the middle of Djursland, Denmark’s most natural wildlife park is situated. Here you find lots of open space for both animal...

Skærup Zoo, © Skærup Zoo

Skærup Zoo

7080, Børkop

Skærup Zoo features 100 different species of animals. Here you can meet playful monkeys, pounding jaguars and cute little baby animals. Children can also enjoy barnyard animal fun. And during weekends...


7323, Give

Enjoy a day in the animal kingdom – GIVSKUD ZOO is only a 25-minute drive from Billund. Take the family on safari in your own car or on the GIVSKUD ZOO Safari Bus. Get closer to the animals! You drive...

© enghave

Come and take part in the feeding of the animals, say “Hello" to the parrot or try to sit on our camel “Sugge Hank” and feel and smell his thick dark fur. Or watch the park from a horseback where you ...

© lintrup zoo

Glad Zoo, Lintrup

6660, Lintrup

In Glad Zoo you find almost 80 various exotic species of animals and birds which you will see in their “almost” natural environment.In our tropical gardens you meet big snakes, lizards, funny monkeys ...

© Blåvand Zoo

Blåvand Zoo

6857, Blåvand

In Blåvand Zoo there are appor. 400 individual animals, lions, fox, marten dogs, racoons, river pigs, cangaroos, parrots etc.Heated subtropical stable, handicap toilets and ...

© Odense ZOO

Take an unforgettable journey with animals from around the world

At Odense ZOO we have more than 2,000 animals from around the world. For example, you can discover the elegant giraffes and antelopes ...

© Ard Jongsma

Fjord & Bælt

5300, Kerteminde

Fjord&Bælt is an exciting experience- and research centre for both children and grown ups, and for you who wish to learn more about the wonderful world below the surface of the sea.Exper...

© Klaus Dræby

Terrariet i Vissenbjerg/Vissenbjerg Terrarium

Explore the world of reptiles.

As you drive across Funen, either on the motorway or along old
highway 161, you pass by Vissenbjerg, about 15 km west of...

Denmark's Bird Zoo

5690, Tommerup

Welcome to the loveliest, most idyllic bird zoo in Denmark.

The Danish Bird Zoo comprises an idyllic Funen landscapewith a well-kept nature reserve covering 7 acres of land. 

A network of paths – ac...

Exciting and funny experiences - for the whole family                                      

In Guldborgsund Zoo and Botanical Garden you get close to animals and plants. The 80 years old garden is a...

Crocodile Zoo

4863, Eskilstrup

Here is the only collection in the world with all 23 existing crocodile species. Apart from that you can see tortoises, monitors and snakes.

In July open from 10 pm - midnight in July


90,- ...


4700, Næstved

In ZOOPARK you can experience dangerous, funny, and interesting animals. Come face to face with our rare white tiger Elvis, enjoy the fun monkeys and see the giant pythons.

Take a picnic in ZOOPARK a...

The Nature School at Orøstrand.We have transformed the 54 acre large farmland into a animal park with horses, sheep, goats and wild animals such as red deer, fallow deer, os...

Odsherred Zoo Rescue

4550, Asnæs

Odsherred Zoo is an oasis of nearly 8 hectares in the middle of Northwest Zealand with more than 600 animals and 100 species.

Tropical House PARANA with apes, birds and reptiles from South America.


Nordsjællands Fuglepark

3230, Græsted

An abundance of tropical birds from the small remarkable pragtfinker to the spectacular and entertaining cockatoos and macaws await you from the great tropical house as well as the outdoor facilities ...

Randers Dyrehave (Randers Deer Forest) was established in 1994 in part of Fladbro Skov and covers an area of about 13½ acres of which 4 acres are under grass. The animals have fresh spring water most ...

Melgaard Heste & AktivitetscenterHorse ridingAktivitiesPetting ZooFarm shop...

Knuthenborg Safaripark

4930, Maribo

Knuthenborg Safaripark 

…real full-time experiences for the whole family. You can experience the perhaps a little cheerless wolf forest together with its notorious inhabitants, viz for the first time...

The North Sea Oceanarium

9850, Hirtshals

Take your family on an adventure! A visit to Northern Europe's biggest aquarium is a great excursion. Dive down to the bottom of the sea, crawl round in the wreck of a ship and catch crabs with your b...

The big tropical glass house consists of a variety of sounds, smells and colours – produced by flowers, plants, birds and especially by more than 1000 large and bright coloured butterflies that fly ar...

Klithusegaarden Farm is located 1,4 km from the central building. At the farm you can meet many types of animals and experience how the farm works, and if you like, you can help with many of the daily...

The Deer Park

8270, Højbjerg

The Deer Park
The deer park lies only 2 miles south of the city centre. Sika deer, fallow deer and wild boar live in natural surroundings under the green beech trees....

© Kattegatcentret

Are you ready for a sea of experiences?

Get smitten by the sea

Let yourself be surrounded by sharks, watch the seals romp around in their natural environment, paddle in a kayak on the deepest polar ...

© Skandinavisk Dyrepark

Did you know that the polar bear are the world’s largest predator on land?

See the biggest group of polar bears in Europe, in the well reputed and outstanding Polar Bear Park in Skandinavisk Dyrepark...

© Ard Jongsma/Odense Zoo

Winter Zoo

5000, Odense C

Magical WinterZOO

November 29 to March 1, you can experience winter adventures in the animal world.

When it's dark in Odense, Funen and cold winter in Denmark we invite you on an adventure in Winter...

An abundance of tropical birds from the small remarkable pragtfinker to the spectacular and entertaining cockatoos and macaws await you from the great tropical house as well as the outdoor facilities ...


Showing 1 - 41 of 41 entries

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