Mussel Harvest Festival

The Mussel Harvest Festival is a tasty event

On April 2014 Løgstør celebrates the harvest of the season's first mussels and oysters. The day always begins with a harvest of mussels and oysters from the bottom of the Limfiord. The mussels and oysters are then sent to Vildsund where they get checked. Following this they are loaded onto a socalled "sjægt" and old classic boat around the Limfiord that brings the fresh mussels and oysters straight to Løgstør.

The master of guild is in charge
At the harbour in Løgstør people gather in anticipation of whether or not the harvest can be approved by the masters of the guild that taste the raw mussels before they are loaded onto an old cart that brings the to the town centre where they will be prepared and served.

Mussels for everybody
The cart is escorted by lively jazz music and throughout the town centre you can taste the many varieties of how mussels and oysters can be served.

Throughout the day there is food, music and festivities in town and you do not have to worry about not finding enough to eat among the free dishes - even the Emergency Forces show up with one of the military's large food canons - so there is always fresh mussels.

Event date/time
05/04/2014 - 05/04/2014 MuslingehøstfestSaturday10:00 -

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