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Suså Kanoudlejning

4171, Glumsø

Canoeing on the river Suså and the Tystrup-Bavelse Lakes.

To book canoes and request prices: Call the office in Glumsø.

Sale of fishing licence upon rental of a canoe.



4160, Herlufmagle

"KanoPaaSusaa" is a canoe rental operating under the auspices of Gunderslevholm Manor. The main building of the manor, dating to the year 1729, lies directly on the Susaa and the property extends over...

© John Bonnesen Wolff

Klintebjerg Baadeleje offers a dinghy with a 4 HK outboard motor and some kayaks for rent incl. all necessary equipment.
The dinky is ideal for 1 to 4 adults or a small family and requires no license....

Dalhus Canoe Rental - Struer

Dalhus Canoe Rental offers rental of 4 large aluminium canoes (with optional extra seats) and one smaller canoe with room for two adults and one small child.

Kilen is a ...

© Seadog


9940, Læsø

Fishingvessel "Seadog". Fishing, sightseeing and diving. ...

© VisitMariagerfjord

At Øster Hurup touristinformation you can rent a bike and a kayak all year round.



125 DKK per day. Deposit: 250 DKK.

50 DKK per hour. Deposit: 100 DKK.


Kayak: 250 DKK per day. De...

Broby Canoe Hire offers you an exciting canoe trip on one of Denmark s most beatiful small rivers,called Susåen.Here you can get away from stress and bustle and enjoy and experience scenery, birds and...

© visit svendborg

Maritimt Center Danmark

5700, Svendborg

Maritimt Center Danmark is situated in a protected warehouse in Svendborg Harbour dating back to the end of the 19th century.

In and around the warehouse we arrange many different cultural activities...

Skyttehusets Camping

8600, Silkeborg

Skyttehusets Camping is Denmark’s most beautiful natural site in the heart of the woods adjacent to the River Gudenå. Just a 15-minute walk away is Lake Slåensø, one of the cleanest lakes in Denmark, ...

© Marina Minde

Marina Minde Bådudlejning

6320, Egernsund

Boats for hire:
Speedboat, 22 feet, 90 HP, on an hourly basis.
Fishing boat, 18 feet, 9.9 HP, on an hourly basis.
Sailing yacht, 40 feet, 40 feet on a weekly basis....

Trust Camping

8882, Fårvang

A canoe trip on the River Gudenå is an unforgettable experience! Canoeing is for everyone, young or old. One-day and multi-day trips can be booked. Now also setting off from Tørring....

Experience the real Danish countryside with a peaceful and idyllic canoe trip on the stream of Uggerby Å for the whole family. The 50 km long stream from Ilbro to Uggerby Strand ...

Canoes and boat trailers.The canoes might be transported to the destination  at separate charges....

Prices per canoe:

One hour DKK 100,-.
24 hours DKK 400,-.

During the season extensiv opening hours....


8950, Ørsted

The Fjord Centre is the place to get wet, dirty fingers and to smell a bit of reeds, wool, smoke and fish. Take a walk in waders, burn your fingers on hot metal, try a canoe trip in t...

© VisitHerning

Canoe trip on Storå

7400, Herning

You can rent a kano in connection with navigation at Herningholmså and Storå between Herning and Vemb.

DKK 400,-  per canoe for the first day and DKK 300,- each next day.

Canoeing gives the whole fa...

Fårup Sø, © VisitVejle

Fårup Lake Kiosk and Boat Rental offers rowing boat and water bicycle rental. Experience one of the deepest lakes in the area with numerous fresh water springs. Along your boating trip you will experi...

Skjern Å Canoe Tours, © Skjern Å Kanofart

Canoeing on a lake or along a river is an adventurous way to experience the harmony of nature – and a great family holiday idea. The canoe rental company Skjern Å Kanofart offers canoe camping trips d...

© Gl. Ålbo Camping

Gl. Ålbo Camping

6092, Sønder Stenderup

Boats for hire are available for full days only.
Boat hire commences between 08:00 and 10:00 Am.
Petrol is paid after consumption and is calculated after the going rate.
Hire period with confirmed re...

Tinglev Ungdomsskole

6360, Tinglev

In Sønderjyllands county our canoes have permission to sail on Grønå, Sønderå and Vidå.You are welcome to take the canoes outside the county to other streams which don't demand permission to...

Løgumkloster kanoudlejning

6240, Løgumkloster

Take a trip in a canoe.There are several options for navigation on Lobæk / Broad River. You can start on different locations. The trip is max. 35 km. from Nr. Løgum north of Løgumkloster....

© kanocenter syd

Canoe Centre South

6630, Rødding

Welcome to Canoe Centre South.Rental of canoes across South Jutland.When you sail in a canoe, you experience nature in a unique way. Sounds and smells are different and you can observe ...

Torben Hansen Ferie

5932, Humble

Boat hire, Angling holidays and holiday houses....

Angelcentrum Langeland

5900, Rudkøbing

In our shop on Langeland you will find everything you need for fishing trip. You can rent boats, kutters or fish from the beach or in a put & take lake. ...

Himmel og Hav

5953, Tranekær

Renting addresses: Søndergade 22, Lohals....

Fiskeri - Angeln

5900, Rudkøbing

Boats for rent in Spodsbjerg (Spodsbjergvej 186)....

Langeland Touristik

5935, Bagenkop

Holiday Houses, Boats for rent, hire of cutters....

Øhavets Smakkecenter

5900, Rudkøbing

Experience the uniqe sailing school on the small island Strynø. You can learn to sail a smack dinghy or sail around in the archipelago on your own. Kayak hire. We can pack a smack dinghy with charts, ...

IBI Bootsverleih

5900, Rudkøbing

All our boats and equipment are aproved by the Danisch Ship Surveyor and are all licens free. By boat hire you have to pay a deposit DKK 1100,-...

Boat and house hire service on Langeland.


© VisitOdense

Marina Boat Rental

5000, Odense C

Rent a canoe or a pedaloePedaloe : 75 DKK per hour. (only for use in the harbour)Canoe : 80 DKK per hour/350 DKK per day. (We supply the life jackets, bu...

© Kenneth Edlefsen

Speedboat with driver

5610, Assens

Speedboat with driver

Hire a speedboat with driver for one or two hours, or even a whole day, if you like.

See the coast from a different perspective or try your luck with rod and reel in deeper wat...

© Helnæs Mølle

Helnæs Mølle

5631, Ebberup

Helnæs Mølle

Outdoor experiences and activities for institutions, businesses and individuals

Helnæs Mølle provides a wide range of activity and accommodation options. We can provide indoor accommod...

Gudmindrup Strandkiosk

4573, Højby

Small motor boat and canoe rental on behalf of Højbygaard. Outside the season we refer to Højbygaard, phone number 59 30 63 73....

Gudmindrup Strandkiosk

4573, Højby

We let out bicycles on behalf of Højbygaard during the summer season. Outside the season we refer to Højbygaard, phone number 59 30 63 73....

© Produktejer

Cannoes to let.

Environmental & energy knowledge centre....

We let out 16 foot dinghies with engines. Price: DKK 300 per day, DKK 1500 per week (excl. petrol). Hiring put by appointment. As a guest at the camp site, you also have the opportunity to bring your ...

© VisitHerning

Aaskov Kanofart

6933, Kibæk

Åskov Kanofart (Åskov Canoeing) a canoe trip on Skjern Å is an enjoyable and adventurous experience for the whole family. A trip in such close contact with nature is both relaxing and peaceful for eve...

© Patrick Holbek

Outdoor Company

4040, Jyllinge

At Roskilde Fjord you can go paddling in a sea kayak and combine a marvellous experience with healthy exercise! 

Outdoor-Company offers:
Guided eventful trips, introduction courses, guided sunset tri...

Kayak rental.Prices 2010Per hour  kr.  50.-2 hours   kr.  75.-3 hours   kr. 100,-Per day   kr. 200...

West Wind surfschool in Klitmøller offers courses in:SurfridingWindsurfing Kitesurfingequipment is included during the courses.It is also possible to rent equipment / can...

© Colourbox

Rowing boats and pedaloes

5000, Odense C

We have 16 rowing boats, 5 swan pedaloes and 5 pedaloes. 

The rowing boats and pedaloes seat 4, the swan pedaloes 2 passengers. 

Hire is for at least one hour per time, and photo ID must be shown. 

Pedalo Rental

8800, Viborg

Experience Viborg from the waterfront. At the kiosk at Borgvold you can rent water bikes and canoes and along with your family enjoy a beautiful and energetic sail around the Viborg lakes. 

Rental P...

Bygholm Sø Camping Kanoudlejning , © Bygholm Sø Camping Kanoudlejning

We rent canoes from 15 June to end of the season. A canoe is for 2 adults and 2 children or 3 adults. Lifejacket included in the rental price. We have life jackets in most sizes....


Showing 51 - 95 of 95 entries

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