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Galleri B

3250, Gilleleje

Gallery B is a gallery where there is room for the quirky, beginners and those well established.

 Gallery B must always be at the forefront of happenings, events and inspiration to get Gilleleje on t...

© Kunstrunden Nordsjælland

The art association Kunstrunden Nordsjælland – Art Tour North Sealand - aims to represent the many artists and artisans who live and work in North Sealand. The association has around 100 members who w...

© N!chen


3000, Helsingør

You will find Nichen in Stengade in one of Elsinore’s most beautiful courtyards, Hans Rostgaards yard. In the midst of town, yet in a small peaceful retreat that oozes art, culture and history.


3000, Helsingør

Ida Krogsgaard is an artist who makes all kinds of paintings, ceramics and installations....

© Henrik Schurmann

Galleri Schurmann

3000, Helsingør

Galleri Schurmann is a photo gallery situated in the historic Poternehuset right next to Kronborg Castle. In the gallery fine photo art by Henrik Schurmann is on display and you can buy pictures, post...

© Karen Folker VN

Kronborg Gallerierne

3000, Helsingør

The Kronborg Galleries are creative spaces open to the public. The galleries are situated in the old military buildings surrounding Kronborg Castle, to both sides of the main entrance Kronværksporten....

© Galleri Comicart


3230, Græsted

Interesting gellery of comic art....

© Helsingør Kunstgalleri

Helsingør Art Gallery

3000, Helsingør

New gallery in Helsingør with contemporary art. We are located in a beautiful old house from the 1600s, in the center of the old town, near the central square Axeltorv. Come and enjoy the more than 10...

© Per Christoffersen

Per Christoffersen

3250, Gilleleje

Per Christoffersen has exhibitions both in Denmark and abroad. He has in 2012 received The Leonardo Award 2012, 2'prize and in 2013 the price Special mention for excellence at The London Art Biennale....

© Annie Nielsen

Annie Nielsen

3200, Helsinge

Art Gallery. Open by appointment...

© Marie Plum

Gallery Plum

3000, Helsingør

Marie works with the big shapes. She make a close up to find the sculpture in the objekt, both the negative and the pisitive shapes,

witch is found in the nature endlessly. Marie takes the objekt out...

© Per Møller

Galleri Per Møller

3400, Hillerød

Cosy studio of 45 square meters. Come and see the latest photos.

I am a trained commercial artist at the Academy For Free and Commercial Art in Copenhagen in the 70s. Teaches drawing - watercolor - a...

© Finn Damm Rasmussen

Keramiker Finn Dam Rasmussen

3220, Tisvildeleje

Finn Dam Rasmussen works with stoneware is fired at high temperatures.
He is continuously experimenting with new forms of expression in his ceramics. In addition to sculptures and reliefs in stoneware...

© Eva Müller

Tibirke Kunst

3220, Tisvildeleje

Icon Workshop and small gallery of icons in the word's original meaning, but in a contemporary and unique design mm....

© Galleri Gejlsbjerg

Gallery Gejlsbjerg

3200, Helsinge

The gallery presents oli paintings of various sizes in several series.
The hallmark of the artist is the colors, themes and content of symbols.
Reservations are possible. Look at the website and see t...

Galleri Bankgaard

8766, Nørre Snede

The gallery, Galleri Bankgaard, is located in the middle of the beautiful nature of Central Jutland near the village Boest close to Nørre Snede. The gallery gives you an opportunity to see art of espe...

© Galleri Birkegaarden

Gallery Birkegaarden

9700, Brønderslev

Gallery Birkegaarden is newly renovated for a light and nice Gallery decorated in 260 sqm.

Gallery Birkegaarden offers a dynamic exhibition with changing artists without being tied to a particular ar...

Gallery Art Expo

8362, Hørning

Gallery Art Expo is a commercial gallery, which was founded by Sarah Høj in January 2000. In addition to selling art and framing for private, the gallery serves a number of solid business customers wi...

© Galleri Sevel

Galleri Sevel

3150, Hellebæk


3390, Hundested

New gallery and shop in Nødebohuse near by Hundested.

Wee sell goggels and equiptment to use in the nature. We also have al small gallery where you can see beautiful bird pictures and much more.


Karls Gallery

3390, Hundested

Nordrum Gallery

3100, Hornbæk

Nordrum is a working studio and gallery for crafts and visual arts in the center of Hornbæk.Nordrum is located on a side street off the main street in Hornbæk.Nordrum is open all day during ...

Galleri Kisum og Secher

3100, Hornbæk

Gallery Kisum & Secher in Hornbæk has changing exhibitions of ceramics, photography, paintings and sculptures. The gallery is also a ceramic workshop creating ceramics in Japanese raku technique. The ...

Gallery Milleklem

3390, Hundested

Welcome to my gallery Milleklem. Here I show my paintings in watercolor, oil, acrylic and clay sculptures. I have for many years exhibited in Sweden and in recent years in Denmark. To be creative is a...

© Janice Hunter

The old school in Tornby is home to Janice Hunter’s pottery workshop, gallery and shop, where murals, boards, sculptures and hand-turned pottery are produced in a charming atmosphere.


© Galleri RAS

Galleri RAS

9800, Hjørring

Watercolour paintings, imaginative abstract and naturalistic art.

Luster - technique china painting as well as jewellery, lamps, vases, bowls and painted eggs.

You are welcome to have a picnic in th...

Teglhus Granit Skulpturer

9850, Hirtshals

As a sculptor, Stinne Teglhus works in granite with motifs inspired by the sea. Qualified at Designskolen Kolding.


My great interest lies in exploring life around me and interaction with the endless possibilities afforded by glass. I work with moulding and cold-glass techniques.
This is worked into applied art, s...

The gallery Goggelrok is situated centrally in attractive Tolne and is also my workshop. The paintings are my own works in oil.

I like to work on the basis of inspiration from my own life and my exp...

© Glasstuen v. Karen Horsholt

Glasstuen is definitely well worth a visit. In the picturesque area of Fjeldstedvej in Sindal, Karen Horsholt converted the old barn into a shop and workshop.
Karen has 10 years' experience with glas...

Mona H. Søndergaard

9870, Sindal

Mona H. Sondergaard - Sindal trained art teacher and has worked with glass for 12 years.For more information call + 45 98 96 55 01 or + 45 60 65 55 98...

Artist Mette Jakobsen - SindalInspired by street art culture, and poetry-slang, I paint large colorful pictures. I for filling - sprays - writing - painting and mixing. Continuous is the exp...

Hanne Kops - Sindal

9870, Sindal

Hanna Kops - Sindal.For more information call + 45 98 48 46 60...

Niels Chr. Bach in Sindal makes paintings and sculptures. For more information call + 45 29 38 50 72...

Kirsten Anreasen - SindalFor more information call + 45 98 93 65 91...

Anne Fonnesbech

9870, Sindal

Anne Fonnesbech i Sindal makes sculptures in clay and plaster after a model. I seek simplicity in my sculptures. Open by appointment. ...

Artist Laila Carlsen - Sindal makes Dishes, sculptures & particularly pictures in fused cold glass, often depicting man. Each motif is used no more than twice & always differently, making each...

Artist Torben Nilsson

9800, Hjørring

Self-taught artist specialising as a painter, because he just can't help himself! Unschooled, figurative and often dreamlike style with oil in striking colours on canvas. Make an appointment to meet h...

Gladglas w/Tina Koch

9870, Sindal

GladGlas w/Tina Koch.Glass designer with an eye for the unique, fun and beautiful. Glad Glass is a universe of colors and shapes. By Glad Glass find houses, images, characters, etc.. As some...

Linda E. Christensen- SindalShe makes paintings and sculpturesFor more information call + 45 98 93 53 75...

Galleri Horne - Sindal

9870, Sindal

Galleri Horne - Sindal. For more information call + 45 98 93 40 10...

© Birgitte Tolnov

Birgitte Tolnov Gallery and Crafts, Bjergby

In Bjergby, near Hjørring, Birgitte Tolnov has etablished a textile workshop in the former merchant's house. Hand-printed household textiles are produced: ...

© Anni Kristine og Flemming Holm

Anni Kristine and Flemming Holm, Hjørring

North of Hjørring live the internationally renowned artists and married couple Anni Kristine & Flemming Holm.

Granite blocks are fashioned into elegant scu...

Visit Det Grafiske Værksted’s permanent sales exhibition featuring original graphic works by renowned Danish and international artists. 280 works are hung on the walls in settings that give visitors a...

© Art Leighton

Art Leighton

9430, Vadum

The inspiration for my works comes from children, nature, feelings, music and  books

You can see more at my homepage:



Gallery Pallisgaard

9362, Gandrup

Gallery Pallisgaard is located in Gandrup approx. 15 km. from Aalborg. Joanna Pallisgaard has turned a hobby into a career, along with her husband Kaj Pallisgaard. The couple's house is beautifully si...

Glassblower Anne Flohr

9280, Storvorde

On the edge of the small village, Lillevorde lies the Glass House, Anne Flohr. Work shop and store is decorated arranged as an extension to the old school. This is where the glass, which is sold from ...

© Ole Stonor

Saltum Jewellery Workshop. A large selection of unique jewelleryspired by the fantastic nature of Northern Jutland.

The jewellery is made from material such as gold, sterling silver, gem stones and p...


Showing 101 - 150 of 930 entries

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