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Love Tour

WeirdWalks - Love tour

1167, København K

Love tour takes you on a historic love trip through Copenhagen and reveals sexual tensions and horrifying scandals that influenced your great grandparents' love life.

Listen to the story behind the w...

Strøget, © Ty Stange

WeirdWalks - Tour down Strøget

1550, København V

Strøget turned 50 on 17 November 2012, but its history goes way beyond that. Listen to stories about disappeared shops, eery alleys, crummy bars, fancy cafes and much more on Weird Walks' tour down St...

WeirdWalks - Halloween Tour

2100, København Ø

Go on an evening walk in Østre Anlæg and listen to interesting and spooky stories about the things that scared people the most back in the day.

Halloween is a new tradition in Denmark and it's inspir...

© Jens Bang

A Royal Affair guided tour

1200, København K

Come to the Kingdom of Denmark, and relive the story of love and madness, idealism and intrigue, set forth in the film A Royal Affair, in a guided city walk.

Meet the brilliant and bizarre young King...

Lucifer Tour, ©

WeirdWalks - Lucifer Tour

1200, København K

Lucifer Tour Copenhagen is a dark and occult city tour where you will hear gruesome stories about satan, witch hunters and spooky ghosts. In the late evening hours, you can walk in the devil's footste...

Peter og Ping

1318, København K

Peter og Ping organises guided literary walks in and around Copenhagen. The main purpose is to make writers, texts, and city districts interact.

At present Peter og Ping covers more than 30 different...


7330, Brande

The "kilderuten" takes its starting point at Rørbæk Lake close to the source of Skjern River and Gudenåen. The route continues in the northern direction towards Hjøllund. The length is about 20 km. Pl...

© Bikify


1599, København V

Copenhagen is known for its bicycle culture and it is the most convenient way to get around.

At Bikify you can explore the city on one of the guided tours. Bikify offers tours where you will see the ...

Bike the City

1123, København K

Discover the freedom of GPS-guided bicycle tours with Bike the City, and explore Copenhagen at your own pace.

Pick a thematic tour designed by a local bike activist and set out on an urban discovery....

WeirdWalks, © WeirdWalks


1000, København K

WeirdWalks takes you on interesting walks where you will get acquainted with people and places in Copenhagen. Each tour has a different theme.

Go on Crime Tour where you can expect to hear about the ...

beCopenhagen, © beCopenhagen

Guided tours with beCopenhagen

1053, København K

Discover historical and contemporary Copenhagen in a different way with beCopenhagen's Me-Mover.

beCopenhagen arranges special themed tours with focus on architectur and urban life. The guided tours ...

© Segs ApS

Discover Helsingør on Segway in a different and fun way on four different guided tours of  1 - 1.5 hours duration. Choose between the tours Segs & the city, Segs & Hamlet, Segs at Night and Segs at th...

Bollerruten’ (32 km). A regional Bycycle route ( no. 60) between Hjørring and Jyske Ås, which conect Vendsysselcoute (no 59) and the Tolneroute (no. 62). The tour meanders from Hjørring Bjerge through...

M/S Kysten

9370, Hals

M/S "Coast" is sailing on the Limfjord from Aalborg, Nibe and Hals, with fixed frequencies. The trip lasts about 50 minutes and tickets can be purchased online or ordered by phone 26 24 58 95. Booking...

© Simon Hedegaard

Events and Tours
The winery is open for events and guided tours year round by appointment with the winegrower.

Wine sales from farm shop and "Future Purchases"


© Kristian Herget

Underwater Activities Syddjurs.

Experience the underwater activity path by Fuglsø Beach, or some other interesting underwater sites by Syddjurs coasts.
Dissemination Partnership offers snorkeling for...

© Destination Djursland

The night watchman keeps his watch

The night watchman goes back a long way in history, found throughout the country in every market town, such as in Ebeltoft, where there is first mention of a watchm...

© Bent Medvind

Seal safari and harbour tour - Esbjerg

See Esbjerg and Fanø from the seaside, where you can experience "Men at the Sea", Esbjerg's water tower and the Esbjerg Performing Arts Centre.
We make harbour...

The preserved railway line Slagelse-Høng-Gørlev is open every Thursday in July and the first Thursday in August. You may find the timetable on: or call the Tourist Inform...


4591, Føllenslev

Island under nature protection, approx. 1,5 km from Havnsoe. Special nature with rare plants. The island is noted for the fire-bellied toad. At the slopes&...

Brøndby Stadium

2605, Brøndby

Brøndby Stadium, Denmark's second largest stadium for an attendance of 29,000 people is the home ground of Brøndby IF, who has won the Danish championship ten times.Brøndby Stadium offers mo...

Cycle Ride

4400, Kalundborg

Kalundborg Tourist Office sells a booklet with proposals in Danish. ...


4400, Kalundborg

Kalundborg Tourist Office sells a booklet with proposals in Danish. ...

City Bike Hirtshals

9800, Hjørring

City Bike – sightseeing in a cool and green way.

In Hirtshals you will find 15 City Bike stations with bikes for free use. Go sightseeing in a fun and eco friendly way and have a well deserved brea...


4592, Sejerø

Horse-drawn carriage tour of Sejerø
Enjoy the wonderful scenery of Sejerø from a horse-drawn carriage.
Klaus’ and Karin's proud Jutland horses will take you round the island and have a good time on th...

© fimus

Trips on a fishing cutter in Grådyb and Ho Bay

You will be sailing with the Fisheries and Maritime Museum's fishing cutter E1 Claus Sørensen. Fishing will be carried out with a beam trawl which provi...

Seal safari and harbour tours in Esbjerg - 30 June - 5 September 2014

See Esbjerg and Fanø from the seaside, experience the busy Esbjerg Harbour and visit the seals in the Wadden Sea.



Train ride at the Fun-Park

From 12 o'clock and every hour runs the "Deer train" on the large farm. Discover the deers, red deers, emus, foxes and wild birds in the forest area.

Price DKK 25,-...

Hals city has a long and exciting historical background, which can be found in all of Hals through different monuments and land marks, such as Hvalkæberne, Toldbodvej and Skansen. InfoCenter Hals is o...

Hou city is a cosy old city with a number of sights that is worth a visit, such as Hou church, Hou batteri and Hugdrupgaard. InfoCenter Hals is offering an overview of these and other interesting attr...

© michael jensen

MS Sea Hawk

9850, Hirtshals

M / S Sea Hawk is a catamaran boat, built in fiberglass in the year 2011/12. The boat is built for 40 people, but sailing with maximum 12, and therefore there is plenty of space and comfort on board. ...

Water tower 'The Molar'

4220, Korsør

'The Molar' is the popular name for the pretty, old water tower of Korsør. The tower - 30.2 m tall - was build in 1949.
The view from the top is quite impressive. The water tower is positioned so the ...

Korsør 12 guided tours

4220, Korsør

12 guided tours on foot and by bicycle. For your information the tours are guided in danish only, you are welcome to join in just for the feeling of Korsør and the surrounding area.
Date & time 2012 -...

© Ulla Fibiger

Guided tour on Omø

4230, Skælskør

Guided tour on Omø - the guide speaks Danish

Reservation necessary

Booking and further information please contact VisitWestzealand:

E: P: +45 70 25 22 06...

© ulla fibiger

The Night Watchmen Round

4230, Skælskør

The night watchmen sing the old watchmen's cries on the evening rounds.
Citywalk every thursday at 9 and 10 p.m. starting july 3rd until august 14th
and august 29th at 8,9 and 10 p.m. Meetingplace: Sk...

© Ulla Fibiger

Guided tour in Skælskør - only danishspeaking guide.  Starting at the Museum every thursday at 7.30pm in the period 3th. July to 14th. August...

Naval Base Korsør

4220, Korsør

Naval Operational Logistic Centre Korsoer
Naval Base Korsoer (OPLOG KOR)  is a part of Admiral Danish Fleet, a modern establishment, especially designed to deal with matters and incidents Denmarks geo...

Experience the monastic atmosphere - frescoes "Mercy" and "Gratitude" - see convent garden. VisitWestzealnd offers a unique opportunity to get behind the walls of Slagelse Old monastery, which is not ...

© Ole Olsen, Fredericia Kommune

Fredericia Battle 1849

7000, Fredericia

Try the online game Fredericia Battle 1849 for children 8 - 12 years. Only in Danish language...

© ole olsen,

Fredericia C

7000, Fredericia

Large area by the harbour designed for activitities, parkour, skateboarding, playground, fishing and much more...

© agersø kro

Tractorbus Agersø

4230, Skælskør

Take a trip around the island in the tractorbus....

Conducted tours

7000, Fredericia

Fredericia has a skilled corps of guides who speaks Danish, German, English and Swedish/Scandinavian. Our guides possess great experience of sightseeing tours around the Little Belt and Triangle Area ...

Lille Vildmose Centre

9280, Storvorde

The Lille Vildmose Center (Danish) arranges guided tours throughout the year. The center offers a unique opportunity to get in close contact with nature through relaxing walking tours in the bog, fore...

© vsvs

Guided tour - Agersø

4230, Skælskør

Guided tour to the island of Agersø - in Danish only.

Reservation necessary

Booking and further information please contact VisitWestzealand:

E: P: +45 70 25 22 06...

Guided bike tour - Agersø

4230, Skælskør

Guided tour on bike on Agersø. You're welcome to attend, but the guide speaks Danish.

Reservation necessary

Booking and further information please contact VisitWestzealand:

E: info@visitvestsjaella...

Guided tour on Agersø by bike to seek inspiration and herbs for aromatic schnapps You're welcome to attend, but the guide speaks Danish.

Reservation necessary

Booking and further information please ...

© Bent Nørregaard

Every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday in july, you and your family or just you can join the "Summer Folk School" in Gjerrild and the surrounding area. The name is better translated as varying excursion...

Ry Bussen is a company with many miles behind. The drivers also have many years of experience in tourism drive, which makes it is possible, by appointment, to get some guided tours regarding the lands...

© VisitAalborg

Tofte forrest guided tours

9280, Storvorde

On a guided bus tour you will experience beautiful nature whilst the tour guide tells you about the very special character of the nature. The area offer encounters with red deers, the golden eagle, wi...


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