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    Pensando em passear pela Europa? Você adora explorar as ruas atmosféricas de uma cidade ou aproximar-se da cultura local? Então a Dinamarca tem quatro destinos fabulosos especialmente para você. As cidades dinamarquesas de Aarhus e Aalborg são pequenas e íntimas, tornando-as fáceis de conhecer numa viagem curta. A capital da Dinamarca, Copenhague, é a cidade mais habitável do mundo e isto é fácil de conferir quando você visitar Copenhague.

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    Legal Disclaimer1. Access to and use of this site is provided by VisitDenmark subject to the following Terms and Conditions. 

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    Legal Disclaimer1. Access to and use of this site is provided by subject to the following Terms and Conditions. 

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    change 2 int ver TEST for Vili Denmark is steeped in a rich and diverse history, just waiting to be discovered. Come and find your own Viking treasures, try a trip in a Viking long boat or walk amongst ancient rune stones and burial mounds. The impressive legacy of the country’s long, regal past also awaits you, in the many castles and manor houses open to the public. For children, there are hundreds of history museums with interactive exhibits and living museums outdoors. So step back in time and venture into historical Denmark.

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    Explore as nossas reportagens inspiradoras... Conheça os Vikings, vá de ilha em ilha em umas mais de 400 ilhas dinamarquesas, experimente a comida nórdica, aprenda mais sobre a cultura de bicicleta na Dianamarca ou leia mais sobre o jeito dinamarquês de organizar MINDblowing eventos... Leia mais sobre tudo isso abaixo.

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    MINDblowing Meetings is the story about our unique Danish way of designing innovative meetings.

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    Denmark’s Viking heritage centres and markets are popular attractions where history is brought back to life. Here families can taste Viking food and watch craftspeople and warriors in action.

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    The mainland part of Denmark, Jutland, offers lively cities and cultural highlights as well as wide-open nature, sandy beaches and seaside towns. Jutland has all that the heart desires…

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    Denmark has once again been ranked as the happiest nation in the world, this time by the 2013 World Happiness Report.

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    Last week in Lyon young chef Jeppe Foldager from Copenhagen Denmark took silver medal in the world championships for chefs, the biannual Bocuse d’Or in Lyon. The competition was started by legendary French nouvelle cuisine chef Poul Bocuse, he himself presenting the awards at age 86. Jeppe Foldager took silver after the French contender, Thibault Ruggeri, the darling of the predominantly French crowd of spectators.

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    Boat trips calling at selected restaurants, celebration of the blue mussel, live music in both new and familiar constellations and guided tours through lesser-known Copenhagen districts are just a few of the items on the programme when Copenhagen’s culture month, Wondercool, gets underway for the third year running.

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    Copenhagen’s culture month, Wondercool, which runs throughout February, lets you explore the lesser-known Copenhagen, celebrate blue gold and Nordic cuisine, listen to music in basement car parks, take a ‘behind the scenes’ look at architecture and enjoy MAD Mondays.

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    Do you want to learn more about Copenhagen’s many sustainable offers, or just want an update on the Capital of Sustainable Meetings? Then follow VisitDenmark and Wonderful Copenhagen CVB – and six MICE-reporters – via social media to find out more about our tour of the city on 17-19 September 2013.

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    Denmark – quality time for families. Short distances, wide-open nature and the many educational and fun family activities in Denmark allow holidaymakers to enjoy quality experiences with something for everyone.

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    O maior barco Viking do mundo faz parte da mais especial exibição no Museu Nacional. VIKING será exibida no Museu Nacional em Copenhague do dia 22 de Junho a 17 de Novembro de 2013.

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    As critics go wild over New Nordic Cuisine, chefs are reaching out to the man on the street with novel ideas. Ever tried Asian food with a Nordic twist? Welcome to New Nordic 2.0

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    In February, you can enjoy Danish and international jazz concerts around Copenhagen, interactive food and theatre experience that stimulates all senses and gastro cruises in Copenhagen harbor. The full programme for Copenhagen’s culture month Wondercool is now ready.

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    According to the city’s climate strategy Copenhagen is to be the world's first CO2 neutral capital by 2025 and this has the full support of the Copenhageners as a green vibe flows through every corner of the city. Whether you are looking to eat, drink, shop or sleep with a clear conscience, Copenhagen has an eco-friendly option for you.

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    South Jutland is a historical treasure trove, with well-preserved ancient towns, castles, cathedrals and a multitude of exciting museums.

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    This region offers you some of the oldest towns in the country. Visit Kolding with its impressive castle ruins, the Viking town of Ribe or Christiansfeld, set to be a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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    Thousands of years of history are waiting to be explored on Funen, an island packed with manor houses and castles. Be inspired by the place that has inspired painters for generations and gave the world Hans Christian Andersen.

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    A Dinamarca é uma das monarquias mais antigas do mundo e sua longa herança está perfeitamente preservada em seus muitos castelos, mansões e jardins. Muitos ainda são usados ​​pela família real e hoje a maioria está aberto para você explorar, com exposições, museus, coleções de arte e outros eventos ao longo do ano.

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    Coloque o Castelo de Hamlet, Kronborg, na sua lista de coisas para fazer enquanto na Dinamarca! Tanto se você estiver procurando coisas para fazer próximo a Copenhague ou se você tiver mais tempo para explorar, encontre tempo suficiente para visitar o castelo mais famoso da Dinamarca, imortalizado por Shakespeare no ano de 1600.

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    Copenhague está cheia de castelos, estátuas e artefatos da realeza que você pode visitar facilmente a pé ou de bicicleta.

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    A mais antiga monarquia do mundo

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    Não existem áreas metropolitanas no Norte da Zelândia. A área é caracterizada por pequenas vilas de pescadores, portos e por cidades que fazem travessia de balsas, num ambiente super relaxante.

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    Durante centenários, a Zelândia do Norte tem sido o parque de diversões para reis e rainhas e você pode sentir a sua importância na história dinamarquesa nos castelos e parques reais da região.

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    A Dinamarca está mergulhada em uma cultura rica e diversificada, esperando para ser descoberta. Venha encontrar seus próprios tesouros vikings, faça uma viagem em um barco viking ou caminhe pelas antigas runas e montes funerários. O impressionante legado do longo passado real da Dinamarca lhe espera, nos muitos castelos dinamarqueses e mansões abertos ao público. Para as crianças há centenas de museus com exposições interativas e museus vivos abertos. Volte no tempo e aventure-se pela história da Dinamarca. 

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    A Dinamarca tem uma reputação de ser um destino caro para as férias, mas não é bem assim! Desde viagens baratas e atrações gratuitas até acomodações em conta, existem muitos modos de viajar pela Dinamarca sem gastar muito! Aqui algumas idéias e inspirações para viajar pela Dinamarca por um preço acessível.

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    Gastronomic safaris by boat, walks in Nordic Noir Copenhagen, concerts in warehouses and pop-up restaurants. Get ready for the Wondercool festival - Copenhagen’s cultural month of February.

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    In the July/August issue of The Monocle Copenhagen is yet again ranked number 1 on ‘The Monocle Global Quality of life survey 2013’.

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    This winter's edition of Copenhagen Cooking, which runs throughout February, pays tribute to blue gold, MAD Mondays, gastronomic quizzes and dishes which turn into choruses. When this winter's edition of the food festival, Copenhagen Cooking, gets underway in February it will pay tribute to some of the season's finest raw ingredients. One of them is the blue mussel – so-called blue gold – which is fresh and delicious at this cold time of year.

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    Denmark is an open and friendly society and prides itself on being welcoming and accepting of lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transsexuals.Here's a guide to LGBT events, attractions and resources in Denmark.

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    Your local contacts Please do not hesitate to contact your local representative if you have any questions regarding the event.  Germany/Austria/Switzerland/Poland:  VisitDenmark, 2 Glockengiesserwall, D - 20095 Hamburg Stefanie Biese,     

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    Você está trazendo as suas crianças para a Dinamarca? Se você está procurando por idéias e inspirações para atrações gratuitas e em conta para crianças, leia mais. Saiba mais sobre entradas gratuitas a museus, filmes e teatros, experiências na cidade e na natureza e muito mais. É possível passear pela Dinamarca com suas crianças gratuitamente ou em conta!

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      VisitDenmark er Danmarks nationale turismeorganisation. Vi markedsfører rejsemålet Danmark for at tiltrække flere udenlandske ferie- og mødegæster, der kan øge indtjeningen i turismeerhvervet samt skabe omsætning og beskæftigelse i det danske samfund. Markedsføringen sker i tæt samarbejde med erhvervet og andre centrale aktører.

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    North Jutland, Denmark's most dynamic natural area, offers many wonderful natural playgrounds to explore.

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    The Mols Bjerge National Park, in East Jutland, is one of the most rugged and varied landscapes in Denmark, with many rare animal and plant species. The park covers 180 km² and is named after the area's best known natural feature.

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    Feel the power of the North Sea on West Jutland’s wind-swept beaches. Take in the vast Wadden Sea National Park, a haven for birds and wildlife.

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    Sheltered from the elements and tucked away on the Great Belt, West Zealand's coast is a calm and relaxed part of the country, perfect for family beach time.

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    An easily accessible area with rivers and lakes for watery adventures and great cycle routes for cyclists.

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    Há mais de 20 anos, a Tumlare oferece às operadoras brasileiras programas personalizados e de alta qualidade. Temos escritório próprio no Brasil e uma ampla rede de serviços na Europa, somos uma das maiores operadoras na Europa. Com tradição, experiência e solidez, integramos a JTB, empresa com mais de 27.000 funcionários pelo mundo e 100 anos de existência.

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    Marvel at Roskilde Cathedral, the dramatic resting place of Danish kings and queens Experience 1000 years of history at the Viking Ship Museum Relax on some of the best beaches in Sealand at Sejerø Bay Hike the cliff top trails of the Røsnæs peninsula Walk round Trelleborg, an incredibly well-preserved Viking ring fortress Further reading Read more about West Zealand.

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    It's all about the produce! You can drop in to many, local farm shops around West Zealand, with a great selection of locally-produced fruit and vegetables. The area around Lammefjord is known for its delicate asparagus, carrots and potatoes. Further reading Read more about West Zealand. Read more about Danish food.

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    Como é o clima na Dinamarca? A Dinamarca têmtem um clima temperado, moderado pela Corrente Quente do Golfo. A Dinamarca têm quatro estação bem distintas a primavera, o verão, o outono e o inverno. Os mês de primavera Abril e Maio são suaves e os meses de verão de Junho, Julho e Agosto são os mais quentes. O outono começa em Setembro até Novembro e costuma ser chuvoso e nublado. Os mês de inverno de Dezembro à Março costumam ser frios, com geada e neve.    

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    For information on Denmark please contact:    If you need specific information on Copenhagen please contact:  

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Venha e se encante com Copenhague - um aconchegante emaranhado de ruas sinuosas, belos edifícios e um estilo inigualável.