The endless beaches of South Jutland's islands

The Wadden Sea
South Jutland has some unique islands which are easy to visit from the mainland. Take the tractor bus over to Mandø or walk on some of Europe's widest beaches on Rømø.


The largest island in the region, Als, is a wonderful holiday spot with its gentle, green landscape, family-friendly beaches and trails for cycling and hiking. Test the forces of nature and play with technology at Danfoss Universe, Als’ exciting experience park. You can reach Als by road via the bridge at Sønderborg.


You’ll find untouched nature, the widest beaches in Northern Europe and many holiday activities are available on Rømø, the largest of the Wadden Sea islands. With top-of-the-range golf courses and wellness centres, Rømø is a popular destination which you can easily reach by road and dam bridge.


The smallest island in the area, Mandø is protected from tidal waters and the western wind by a sea dike and a single row of dunes. The way onto Mandø is a unique experience in itself. You drive across an ebb tide road which is barely passable at high tide and impassable in storm weather. Alternatively, you can take the Mandø Bus from the Wadden Sea Centre, which is pulled by tractor.

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