T8: Hannerup Forest

Hannerup - Snoghøj - Skærbæk

T7: Rands Inlet

Egeskov - Bredstrup - Brøndsted

T5: The Church Route

Føns - Båring

T4: Along Lillebælt

KulturØen - Strib

T3: Middelfart Marina

KulturØen - Middelfart Marina

Hindsgavl Slots park, view, top-class holiday experiences, nature experiences, Lillebælt Waters, Do Nature

The Hindsgavl Peninsula

If you are looking for nature experiences, then you should stop by Hindsgavl peninsula where the locals from Middelfart as well as tourists have the opportunity to bike, run or hike.
The Hindsgavl peninsula is a unique place, and should it rain, the water disappear relatively quickly, as the ground is very sandy. There are good paths and accessibility all across the Hindsgavl peninsula.

Get away from it all in style at Denmark's traditional beach hotels

Charming Danish beach hotels

Turn back the clock, and forget the hustle and bustle of life, at one of Denmark's traditional seaside hotels. There's nothing quite like the laid-back atmosphere and old-world charm of Denmark's beach hotels, dotted around Denmark's beautiful coast. Many of Denmark's beach hotels (badehoteller) have top-of-the-range spa and wellness facilities. At others, it's all about good food, great views and nothing but relaxation.

Humlemagasinet Harndrup Garden Museum exhibition


Humlemagasinet is a combination of gardens, museums and exhibitions. You can admire a unique porcelain doll collection of the Danish kings through the ages. Discover the museum of the local-born poet and songwriter Sigfred Pedersen. Find the collection of all kinds of beer, and visit the gardens on 10 acres of land with a beautiful viewpoint and lake. 

Bridgewalking - the prospect of something special

You can go to Sydney or Lillebælt (The Little Belt). In both places, you can walk above a bridge. Experience the height. The sinking feeling. The spectacular and unimpeded view. Enjoy the water. The ships. The view towards the land. The weather. The weak shaking of the bridge when a train is rumbling over the bridge. Bridgewalking Lillebælt is a new, unique attraction in Europe. Please come along and have quite a unigue experience, which has not been possible in Europe before.

East Denmark Food Guide

The road from farm to fork is short in the East of Denmark and you can taste this freshness at farm shops and specialist producers across the region. The islands of East Denmark are fertile and covered with many fascinating estates, farms and castles, where you can enjoy a variety of culinary experiences. As well as visiting local producers in situ on the islands of Møn, Zealand, Lolland and Falster, you can taste local produce in the many exceptional restaurants found here.

Delve deeper into the culture, gastronomy and landscape of this dynamic region

North Denmark Food Guide

With this guide to gastronomic experiences in North Denmark, you can delve deeper into the culture and landscape of this dynamic region and taste some of Denmark's best local raw ingredients. The salt produced on Læsø is a much sought-after product in Denmark and other parts of the world and you can see it being produced as it has been for centuries right here.

South-West Jutland Food Guide

Enjoy the unique tidal marshlands in this part of Denmark and explore the way the dynamic relationship between land, sea and wind shapes not only the culture of the region but also the local produce. On a gastronomic tour of South-West Jutland you’ll have the chance to sample exceptional produce from passionate food artisans and to escape into one of Denmark’s most unique national parks, soon to join the list of World Heritage Sites.

Nordic Cookery focuses on traditional Danish food

Take your own Nordic Cookery tour of Denmark

BBC Lifestyle recently showcased Denmark’s delicacies, with eight Nordic Cookery programmes focusing on traditional Danish food. During the course of the series, Tareq explored South-West Jutland, the Limfjord, North Jutland and East Denmark, cooking with locals, enjoying outdoor pursuits and trying exceptional local produce. He also went to Fyn, North Zealand, and the Lake District of mid-Jutland.

This part of Denmark is famed for its seafood

The Limfjord Food Guide

Fancy trying Denmark’s best duck? Or tasting cheese right where it’s produced? You can in the Limfjord region! This part of Denmark is famed for its seafood and you can pick up fresh fish and seafood at the fish market in Thyborøn or oysters at Glyngøre. Cycle your way round the region’s local farm shops and microbreweries and pack your own picnic basket full of local goodness.

Get away from the hustle and bustle with a short break in Denmark's prettiest places!

Denmark's prettiest towns

Visit one of Denmark's picturesque small towns and walk through centuries of Danish history. Each has a unique charm and special atmosphere, away from the bustle of everyday life. Ribe, Denmark's oldest town, was recently voted Europe's Best Small Destination.

Faxe Kalkbrud

Panorama cycle route 425: Feddet - Faxe

Fjord and Fossils - 36 km

Panorama-cykelrute Høje Møn

Panorama cycle route 421: Høje Møn

På toppen af verden: 18 km

The trip can be started at any point, but this guide takes Camping Møns Klint (1) as its starting point. The camp site is located in beautiful natural surroundings at the edge of Klinteskoven surrounded by high-lying lakes and pastures only 1.5 km from the Cliffs of Møn. The camp site offers bicycle hire, café and toilets.

Dronning Alexandrines Bro

Panorama cycle route 422: Ulvshale/Nyord

Take the Family Exploring - 29 km