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Fishing trips

Rent a boat or go with one of the experienced skippers, who arrange fishing trips all year round. In Lillebælt, you don’t waste precious fishing time, because the best angling spots are only a 10-15-minute boat ride away.

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Beaches in Middelfart

Summer life is beach life, and the beaches of Middelfart lure beachgoers with space for games and play or total relaxation. Wide beaches, narrow beaches, beaches with shallow, paddle-friendly waters or deep waters, beaches that you can have all to yourself, or beaches that have all the facilities so you only need to pack the bare necessities in your beach bag.

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Watersport activities during summer

Besides Tuesday and Thursday, other watersport activities can be booked here.

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Watersport, available activities

Watersport activities, available if requested. Contact VisitMiddelfart or take a look at our bookingsite for timetable and prices.

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Churches in Middelfart

There are several different churches in the Municipality of Middelfart. Especially Husby Church is quite special.

In Middelfart Municipality you will find the practical combined with the cultural at the churches. Each church has a bike pump, and at each pump station you will find a QR-code, which inform you of the history of each church. 

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Play in Middelfart or Strib. Guest tickets for Strib can be bought at the butcher in Strib.

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Eating out in Middelfart

Have a total break and treat yourself to good food at one of the popular restaurants in the area. Middelfart offers everything from 5-star gourmet restaurants to cafés and inns. Here they serve exciting culinary experiences with seasonal local produce and the Danish cuisine can be experienced with a dash of international inspiration.

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Sea, woodland and beach are the words that best describe the campsites near Middelfart. Peace and quiet abound at these small, highquality green oases, with the beach, nature and experiences right on their doorstep. All enjoy a unique location close to the sea, with excellent opportunities for angling, swimming, walking and cycling.

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Strawberry Day, Lillebælt Fair, Gelsted Fair, Apple Day or Christmas Fairs in Middelfart.

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Lillebælt Halvmarathon is run for the 6. time, Tour de Vestfyn, Ejby Nightrun, Kongebro run, Santa Race or Razz Beachvolley 2013.

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Come and listen to world-class chamber music, pop and jazz.

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Local grown food and farm shops

Fill your basket with fresh local grown food from the many farm shops and local food producers in Middelfart. Stock up on fruit, vegetables, eggs, milk, sausages, fish, beer, coffee and chocolate, most of it organically produced.

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Nature experiences in the Municipality of Middelfart

You can find unique natural beauty for nature lovers in the Lillebælt Waters framework. Biking and hiking for all, whether you are a jogger, a cyclist or a walker. Throughout the area, there are scenic bike trails and quiet roads where you can walk, jog or horse ride on the marked trails along streams and beaches or in nature reserves and forests.

Below you will find the list of beautiful nature experiences in the Municipality of Middelfart.

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Activities in town

The town of Middelfart has many activities. Find inspiration for inspiration below, including bowling, a trip to the cinema or the library. Are you the creative type, you can participate in an art workshop (only in the summer) or try raku burning.
The housing exhibition HUSET is also a interesting place to visit. Here you will find inspiration for energy improvements in your home, patio solutions, a new roof or bathroom furniture and much more.

Farm shops

Apples and pears from Fejø, carrots from Lammefjorden, home made salamis, fresh honey and much more. We have listed a number of farm shops where you can buy fresh products direct from the producers.

Micro breweries in Zealand, Møn and Lolland

Historic recepees, new tastes and a genuine castle brewery - in Zealand, Møn and Lolland you find all sorts of micro breweries. Take part in beer brewing at Søkildegaard, taste an asparagus beer from Herslev Brewery or try the gold medal winning Rauch Bier from Krenkerup Estate. Cheers!


Nature reserves

Both in Zealand and Lolland you will find nature reserves with breathtaking landscapes and an interesting fauna, flora and wildlife.


The best beaches in Zealland, Møn and Lolland-Falster

Zealand, Møn and Lolland-Falster offer the best beaches with more than 2000 km of coastline. The beaches are beutiful with soft sand and low water. A true paradise for the children.  In autumn and winter the beaches are perfect for walks where the children can let off steam and get rosy cheeks.