Jul i Middelfart, JUl i Laden, Julemandsrace, Julle og Tulle

Christmas in Middelfart

Christmas cheer – decorations – gifts – candles – sweets – fairs – elves – stars – music and carols. Concepts that we all associate with our traditional Christmas. With room for Christmas cheer and togetherness. There is ample opportunity during November and December - Look here at the many Christmas events taking place in Middelfart and surrounding area. If you want to see Christmas events from across the country take a look here: Christmas in Denmark

Spring in Middelfart and Fredericia

Spring in Middelfart and Fredericia

Plenty of springtime activities in and around Middelfart. Below you can see what activities we have to offer for both adults and children.

Hindsgavl Halvøen, Ferieoplevelser i topklasse. VisitMiddelfart, træklatring, naturoplevelser


Enjoy eating lunch al fresco? Then Middelfart is the place for you. Choose one of the scenic beaches, a hilltop overlooking the sea or a picnic bench in a tranquil woodland setting.


Meander through Faaborg's small streets, enjoy the city's relaxed atmosphere, or visit the historic city centre which includes half-timbered houses and a monastery church dating from 1477.

In the summer time, head to harbour which teams with life as schooners and yachts lay anchor. The harbour baths also offer a cool place to refresh and take in the sun.

Middelfart Strand masser af sommeroplevelser i juli og august

Summer experiences in Middelfart and Fredericia

Below is a selection of summer activities. See all the events here: Events in Middelfart or go to our online booking, where you will find loads of fun water sport activities, boat trips, cultural events and much more: Online booking.
Where to find culinary adventure and genuine Danish atmosphere

Explore The Danish Lakelands Culinary Scene

The Danish Lakelands is a truly extraordinary place where impressive forests, inviting lakes, wild coasts, charming towns and lots of warm-heartedness takes you in to a world of good old Danish values, where intimacy, natural resources and creativity together set the frames for exciting culinary experiences.

The garden of Denmark

Culinary Fyn – the garden of Denmark

The island of Fyn and its rich soil is the foundation for excellent foods. On Fyn, we celebrate the delicious locally produced delicacies with food festival. From May through October, there is plenty of opportunity to get a taste of Fyn – whether they are composed of vegetables, cheese, fruit, beer, or chocolate. The island of Fyn is filled with local producers and farm shops where the specialty items are endless and tasty, and all represent quality products from Fyn.

Overview of tour proposals

Map with the 19 selceted tour proposals around Lillebælt

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Novasol holiday cottages

JYSK holiday cottage competition 2014

Will there be another JYSK holiday cottage competition?

You never know! Keep a lookout here for possuble future competitions and while you're waiting, watch this video for a taste of summer in Denmark.

Hindsgavl Slots park, view, top-class holiday experiences, nature experiences, Lillebælt Waters, Do Nature

The Hindsgavl Peninsula

If you are looking for nature experiences, then you should stop by Hindsgavl peninsula where the locals from Middelfart as well as tourists have the opportunity to bike, run or hike.
The Hindsgavl peninsula is a unique place, and should it rain, the water disappear relatively quickly, as the ground is very sandy. There are good paths and accessibility all across the Hindsgavl peninsula.

Get away from it all in style at Denmark's traditional beach hotels

Charming Danish beach hotels

Turn back the clock, and forget the hustle and bustle of life, at one of Denmark's traditional seaside hotels. There's nothing quite like the laid-back atmosphere and old-world charm of Denmark's beach hotels, dotted around Denmark's beautiful coast. Many of Denmark's beach hotels (badehoteller) have top-of-the-range spa and wellness facilities. At others, it's all about good food, great views and nothing but relaxation.

Humlemagasinet Harndrup Garden Museum exhibition


Humlemagasinet is a combination of gardens, museums and exhibitions. You can admire a unique porcelain doll collection of the Danish kings through the ages. Discover the museum of the local-born poet and songwriter Sigfred Pedersen. Find the collection of all kinds of beer, and visit the gardens on 10 acres of land with a beautiful viewpoint and lake. 

Bridgewalking - the prospect of something special

You can go to Sydney or Lillebælt (The Little Belt). In both places, you can walk above a bridge. Experience the height. The sinking feeling. The spectacular and unimpeded view. Enjoy the water. The ships. The view towards the land. The weather. The weak shaking of the bridge when a train is rumbling over the bridge. Bridgewalking Lillebælt is a new, unique attraction in Europe. Please come along and have quite a unigue experience, which has not been possible in Europe before.

East Denmark Food Guide

The road from farm to fork is short in the East of Denmark and you can taste this freshness at farm shops and specialist producers across the region. The islands of East Denmark are fertile and covered with many fascinating estates, farms and castles, where you can enjoy a variety of culinary experiences. As well as visiting local producers in situ on the islands of Møn, Zealand, Lolland and Falster, you can taste local produce in the many exceptional restaurants found here.

Delve deeper into the culture, gastronomy and landscape of this dynamic region

North Denmark Food Guide

With this guide to gastronomic experiences in North Denmark, you can delve deeper into the culture and landscape of this dynamic region and taste some of Denmark's best local raw ingredients. The salt produced on Læsø is a much sought-after product in Denmark and other parts of the world and you can see it being produced as it has been for centuries right here.