Copenhagen's amazing new MICE oppertunities

Refshaleøen – Copenhagen’s new dockland playground

As the only part of Copenhagen’s extensive rustbelt docklands that will not see residential regeneration for the next decade, the shipyard on Refshaleøen is set to transform into the city’s ultimate playground for sports and urban exploring.

SingularityU Denmark Summit

Scandinavia’s first SingularityU summit

The biggest SingularityU innovation hub outside California is located in Copenhagen. SingularityU Denmark hosts educational programs and impact initiatives. Now, you can join a thousand Scandinavian doers, thinkers, leaders, innovators, entrepreneurs, investors, students and executives for a deep dive into Our Exponential Future – the first ever SingularityU Summit in Scandinavia!

Can you find the Faroe Islands on a world map?

Can you find the Faroe Islands on a world map?

Probably not. Because often the Faroe Islands are not even there. Or maybe you will see one or two little dots somewhere in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean. Between Iceland and Norway. North of Scotland. Yes. Now you probably found it.

Rent a boat

Discover Copenhagen from the waterside and enjoy the city, the harbour and the charming canals from the water. Many places along the Copenhagen canals it is possible to rent boats that seat 4+ people for an outing on the clean canals. Invite your colleagues, family or friends on board for a maritime experience, where you are your own captain. Bring your lunch and enjoy the summer rays while taking in the historical and liveable city of Copenhagen.

Street food

In both Copenhagen and Aarhus you have the chance to experience a eating in very unique surroundings. In authentic and tightly packed halls numerous food trucks and food stalls stand ready to excite your taste buds with treats and street food from all different corners of the world. In the halls you will find plenty of tables and benches, large sofas made from old wooden pallets and chairs made of cable reels.

The harbour circle

Now you have the chance to walk, run or cycle around the beautiful harbour of Copenhagen. The Harbour Circle is a 13 km long walking, running and cycling route, which trails around the inner harbour of Copenhagen. The route takes you through beautiful scenery, historical attractions, everyday life and hidden areas where new neighbourhoods blossom. The route has everything from magnificent architecture to home-built houseboats.

Uniting past, present and future

If you go for a walk through the streets of Denmark’s major cities such as Copenhagen, Aarhus or Aalborg, you will typically experience a very varied architecture and urban spaces where old and new stand side by side. It gives a characteristic charm when older urban spaces, buildings and structures are combined with a touch of innovative architecture and design.

Harbour baths

Copenhagen's harbour has such clean water that you can swim in it! In fact, there are not many other cities where urban residents have the opportunity to jump in a clean harbour during the summer. Everyone is welcome to use the architect designed harbour baths like the one at Islands Brygge or to try one of the many other outdoor swimming facilities in cities such as Copenhagen and Aarhus. So, there is no excuse not to paddle, swim or jump in the harbour when you are visiting.

Bike through the city

Denmark is renowned for its distinctive cycling culture. Up to 55% of the Danish population choose bikes as their means of daily transportation. A streamlining of green initiatives in the country has meant that Danes have built a unique and strong tradition when it comes to cycling. The Danish traffic, for example, is designed with bikes in mind and in Denmark you will find more than 10.000km bike path around the country.

Green and Responsible

No matter where you look, Danes are focusing on sustainable solutions. Copenhagen has won the prestigious ‘European Green Capital’ award in recognition of the city's efforts to combine sustainable solutions with growth and quality of life. Clean water, parks and natural areas are just some of the factors that make Denmark a great place to live and visit. For example, 96% of Copenhagener’s have the ability to access a large green or maritime area in less than 15 minutes.

Gourmet cities

Combine your trip to Denmark with a taste of local gastronomy!

Picnic in a park

A full-day meeting indoors can be physically and mentally challenging. With an outdoor meeting-session, you can give your delegates a much deserved break while setting the foundation for teamwork and clearing heads with fresh air. How about going outside at lunch time and activating the group to create their own meal?

Grab it

Grab it


The exercise creates a nice break at your meeting were participants can have a good laugh and get active. This provides an opportunity to refocus and helps participants with concentration. The exercise also works well as an icebreaker if participants do not know each other beforehand. Just make sure that each participant finds a partner whom they do not already know.

Drawings on the wall


A brainstorm exercise with the purpose of getting participants to turn the familiar upside down and do something different than the usual.

This acticity can be adjusted, but it is suitable for 30-60 minutes. The exercise can be done in groups of all sizes, although participants should be divided into smaller groups of max 8 pers.

Snowball fight


The exercise creates energy and is a good way for participants to reflect on their own learning - before, during or after the meeting. When you encourage participants to reflect, you get more out of your meeting and it becomes clearer to the participants what they actually learned.


The exercise is about throwing snowballs made of paper and answering questions.

Fiddle fingers


About the author


The exercise is a good way to start a meeting. It is a great icebreaker and makes participants reflect on their reason for participating in the meeting.



Meetovation is a meeting concept for those who want real value for money when investing in a meeting. We will help you organize meetings, for which the value is clear and the ROI high. Simply put, we aim to put an end to boring meetings that do not motivate or change participants. Your meeting has to provide valuable experiences. Participants should go home thinking ‘that is of use to me!’. Only then will your meeting create real value.

The Meetovation Elements

Each of these are necessary in order to create a valuable meeting. However, do not necessarily weigh all the elements equally at every meeting. It depends entirely on the type of meeting.

But one thing is certain: Only with the 5 elements in mind can you achieve an effective and valuable meeting.

A meeting with a high return on investment (ROI).

Active Involvement

The Meetovation Manifesto

Denmark has potential to be the world’s best country when it comes to meetings. We work hard to create the most optimal meeting conditions. And we focus on the good meeting. But ‘potential’ is not enough. And our surroundings tell us it is about time we take it to the next level: We want Denmark to be the best place to meet.

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