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Taste Denmark

Why not take a tasting tour of traditional Danish dishes? It’s not only a great way to fill your belly, but you’ll learn a lot about Danish culture and history and meet a lot of Danes along the way. So dig in to a plate of Plaice á la Skagen in North Jutland or pick your favourite pickled herring at Møn in South Zealand. Every region has its speciality and here are some of the highlights.

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More than cabbage sausage and rib broths

Danish food has come along way since the days of cabbage sausage and rib broths! But if you’re feeling adventurous, you can still try these traditional Danish dishes at inns and restaurants round the country. In the old days, Danish food evolved from its surroundings. Pork, vegetables and fish were standard fare with pickling, smoking and boiling favoured methods of preparation. Many of today’s top Danish chefs have returned to these roots, combining age-old methods with new techniques and technology to develop the mega-popular New Nordic Cuisine.

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North and West Jutland

The small fishing town of Skagen in North Jutland is the place to try Plaice á la Skagen, particularly Brøndum’s Hotel. The town is located in a beautiful coastal area with plentiful fish, but a harsh sandy landscape which makes growing produce difficult. Berries thrive here and this recipe uses cranberries, lingonberries or raspberries in its sauce. 

Limfjord, a little further south, is where you can taste some of the best eel recipes in Denmark. At Venø Inn in Struer, try their famous rolled eel (rulleål) which is boiled with onions, salt and pepper and served chilled with potatoes. For a taste of the 1700s, head to Sevel Inn in Jutland to gorge on Beer Ribs (Ølben), spareribs marinated and cooked in stout, then left and finally grilled. The perfect accompaniment to a cold beer or the inn’s homemade herb schnapps. 

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