The Danish Potato Museum, Otterup


Hofmansgavevej 25

5450 Otterup



The potato is from South America, and it was brought to Europe in 1537 by the Spanish soldiers who also stole the Inca gold.
It did not come to Denmark until the 18th century, and it was not at all popular for many years - potatoes were known as "German lumps", and nobody wanted to eat them. The owners of the Hofmansgave estate were very interested in agriculture as well as botany, and they fought hard to make potatoes more popular. Therefore, the Potatom Museum is placed at Hofmansgave.

The Danish Potato Museum is:
• An exhibition about the potato
• Placed in the park of Hofmansgave in the northern part of Funen
• Open from Easter till the end of October
• Open from sunrise to sunset


Hofmansgavevej 25

5450 Otterup


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