Skovgaards Raaling

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Syrenvej 2

9370 Hals


Phone:+45 98 25 32 66

Skovgaards Raaling is a very cosy, thatched and small restaurant, situated close to the Eastern Coast. It is one of Denmark's oldest privately owned houses and was first mentioned under King Christian III in 1552. In the local dialect, 'Raaling' means 'little house'.

Skovgaards Raaling offers:
- Speciality in the form of 'Raalingsbrasserade' with roasted pig
- A la carte menu
- Freshly produced Danish open sandwhiches
- Company events
- Cosy restaurant with specialty beers and Raalingens original Irish coffee
- Christmas Buffet
- Whitsun festival

During peak season, Skovgaards Raaling hosts special events, and each year, different artists present their work on the walls of Skovgaards Raaling.


Syrenvej 2

9370 Hals




Christmas lunch specialities

Danish regional dishes

Main course: DKK 150 - 250

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