14. August 2016 at the Danish Pavilion

The Danish Pavilion is open daily from 11am-10pm. Admission is free.

11am-10pm: Heart of Denmark Exhibtion
Get to know Denmark by visiting the entertaining ‘Heart of Denmark’ exhibition. Share ideas on the artistic ‘Happy Wall’ outside the Pavilion and check out the cool Danish bicycles on display whilst charging you phone on our smartbikes! Open to the public. 

11am - 5pm: Body Bike launch
Fitness enthusiasts are also welcome to attend the launch of a brand new Danish indoor BodyBike when introduced at the Heart of Denmark. 3x45 minutes spinning sessions will take place and if spaces are available, one is welcome to join in.

2pm - 10pm: Follow the Rainbow to the Mermaid Festival and Party
Fun activities for all mermaid and mermen fans all day long at the Heart of Denmark pavilion. Take a selfie with The Little Mermaid, get your face painted or dress up as a mermaid/man. The iconic Little Mermaid statue in Copenhagen is inspired by the popular story written by Danish fairy tale writer Hans Christian Andersen. The Mermaid Party kicks off in spectacular style with a colourful fashion show, live music, glitter and rainbow flags galore before the Mermaid Award Show where the winner of “Best Mermaid at the 2016 Rio Olympics” will be declared. This delightfully camp competition is going to be both fabulous and fierce and is guaranteed to bring lots of entertainment and rainbow atmosphere to the Heart of Denmark pavilion.
Denmark prides itself on welcoming the LGBT community and Denmark was in fact the first country in the world to recognize registered partnerships for same-sex couples. In 2009, it became possible for registered gay couples to adopt, and in 2012 for gay people to be married in church.

5pm-7pm: DJ Sunset Session with DJ KANT
DJ KANT is a Copenhagen-based producer and electronic music artist, who is gaining strong international attention at the moment. He came up in the more experimental segment of the Copenhagen electronic scene, and has dropped official remixes for the likes of MØ, Jessie J and NERO. Things really took a turn when his latest release ‘Nightcall’, made an incredible 3 million streams on Spotify, and picked up immediate tastemaker support on BBC Radio with heavyweight hosts like Annie Mac, Danny Howard and Pete Tong.

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Every day at the pavilion:

Daily Challenge
Take part in the daily challenge which will be announced on the Heart of Denmark Facebook event.

Happy Wall
Created by Danish artist and designer Thomas Dambo, the happy wall is an installation consisting of hundreds of wooden blocks on spinners in various colours. By flipping the blocks into different patterns, you can create your own statement and really express yourself on a large scale. 

Together Wall
You will pass the interactive Together Wall just before you exit the pavilion. The wall highlights the 7 themes of the pavilion (live togethercommute togethereat togetherplay togetherinnovate togetherdesign together and recycle together) along with UN’s 17 Sustainable Goals for 2020. Try the Together Wheel, take a selfie by the ‘Together we will-grid’, and finish the ‘Together we will…’ sentence with your own suggestion using @togetherwewill #heartofdenmark #GlobalGoals 

Interactive Postcard
Send a postcard from Denmark - on Ipanema. When you Stand in front of the interactive screen, it will trace your face and place you in a classic Danish scenery. Afterwards, feel free to share your postcard on social media using the Danish Pavilion’s official hashtag, #heartofdenmark, or send to friends and family.

A virtual tour of Denmark
In Denmark, cycling is a way of life. So do like the Danes and discover open nature and bikeable cities by pedal power when you pass the grass covered cargo bike. Inspired by the H.C Andersen fairy tale, “The Flying Trunk”, the cargo-bike will be carrying red suitcases for you to jump in to and discover the Danish way of life on a virtual-reality tour.