Experience Scandinavian summer in Denmark!

You may not have considered Scandinavia as a summer holiday destination before. But Denmark is the top vacation destination for Danes, and it's also the summer destination-of-choice for many Scandinavians. So why? Maybe it's because Denmark has some of the best beaches in Europe. Or maybe it's because of the great range of summer events in Denmark or the top attractions that are open through the summer, like Tivoli and LEGOLAND. Or maybe it's because Denmark is a small and friendly country where you're never far from a beach, a cultural city or a cosy seaside experience. Find out for yourself. Come to Denmark in summer!

Denmark’s unbelievable coastline

Beach holidays in Denmark: Europe's best-kept secret

Thousands of kilometres of white sandy beaches await you in Denmark.

Free things to do Denmark

5 free things you should try in Denmark

Denmark's not all fine dining and sumptuous hotels! There's free fun to be had in Copenhagen and around Denmark. Here's our pick of unique Danish experiences that won't cost you a thing!

Best beaches Denmark

Let Denmark's beautiful beaches surprise you

Maybe Scandinavia isn't the first place you think of for a beach holiday. See why it should be this summer, with our guide to Denmark's best beaches!

Danish holiday cottages

Where the Danes stay: Danish holiday cottages

From iconically Danish cottages off the beaten track to luxurious beach houses, Denmark has a house with a view just waiting to be lived in.

12 Danish Islands Getaways

12 Danish Islands Getaways

Denmark is a top destination for island hopping- find your own slice of paradise! 

Explore Denmark by Bike

Denmark is a country made for cyclists and cycling trips - it’s safe, easy and great fun.