Active Involvement

Involve and engage your participants!
A good meeting is a meeting in which the participants are actually allowed to participate and do not just listen.

With Meetovation you can move away from one-way communication by involving and engaging participants. The result is better learning and understanding, and greater long-term benefits.

Danish studies repeatedly show this

- Participants get more out of the meeting if they are involved in the process. When participants feel that the meeting has been valuable, it is valuable to you as the meeting owner as well. You will achieve a higher ROI. 

- We receive much better feedback from participants on participatory meetings than from meetings with one-way communication.

Active involvement makes meetings more valuable because:

- It helps you make better decisions
- It increases network and knowledge sharing
- It engages and motivates participants
- Be inspired and learn new techniques on how to involve your participants in your meeting by using some of the tangible evidence shows below.

Below are a number of tools and inspirational ideas for meeting planners who want to incorporate active involvement in meetings.

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