Aqua Sports Zone KABELPARK

KABELPARK® is a cable wakeboarding and waterskiing facility in Hvide Sande, where up to ten people can ride the cable track at the same time. This sport is super fun both for beginners and experienced users and kids are allowed to ride the track from when they’re eight years old.

We offer instructional lessons in Danish, German, and English and you are also very welcome to stop by when you want to ride the track for an hour or two.

These facilities also include a small but well-assorted wakeshop and a floating café with a view and terrace that overlooks the track. We serve a great espresso and we serve the best french-fries in town.

Of course we also offer free WiFi. 

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Gytjevej 15B
6960 Hvide Sande


+45 2872 8000




Longitude : 8.1307938862
Latitude : 56.018569089