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Explore the Best of Copenhagen

Copenhagen has so much to offer visitors. From our Michelin-starred revolutionary food scene to innovative and sustainable design to inspiring art and architecture, Denmark's capital city has it all. And now that Copenhagen has been selected by Lonely Planet as the #1 city to visit in 2019, there's never been a better time to plan your Scandinavian escape! Explore the best of Copenhagen in partnership with Expedia.

The City of Tomorrow: Meet Anders Mørck

Anders will take you on a boat tour to see and learn about Copenhagen’s extraordinary sustainability and innovation.

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Explore Innovative Copenhagen

Denmark is often cited for its social values, sustainability, and work-life balance. It's how we like to live and we love to share it with you! 

Come Curious & Hungry: Meet Christian Puglisi

Christian is our go-to guy for all things culinary in Copenhagen. He’s your guide for a dive into innovative creations, new Nordic cuisine and Copenhagen's Michelin-starred restaurant scene. 

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Explore Gastronomic Copenhagen

Learn why Copenhagen is so renowned for its gastronomic efforts, from New Nordic to street food to Danish classics. 

Sleek, Effortless, Scandi Cool: Meet Astrid Maria

Astrid is our expert explorer of Danish design and Copenhagen’s architectural masterpieces.  

Astrid - Architecture - Expedia

Explore Danish Design & Architecture

From Danish furniture to iconic buildings, Denmark continues to produce world-renowned design classics. 

Radiating Art & Culture: Meet Thomas Dambo

Thomas is your guide to Copenhagen’s innovative art and cultural scene. Thomas’ art projects, both small and huge, showcase the city’s love affair with art.

Thomas Dambo - Expedia

Explore the Culture of Copenhagen

Copenhagen is a haven for creativity, innovation and design. Explore the city like the locals and see Danish art and culture come to life around you. 

Food for All: Meet Hazel Evans

She’s the wisest, most driven 24-year-old you’ll ever meet. Hazel’s ‘Mad About Copenhagen’ takes you on a tour of her favorite Copenhagen adventures and tantalizing gastronomic surprises.

Absalon Kirke

Explore Copenhagen's Food Scene

From Copenhagen's humble beginnings with classic Danish dishes to Michelin-starred New Nordic cuisine and everything in between, today's food scene in the Danish Capital is definitely worth exploring.