Big Willy's Gourmet Hotdogs

Big Willy's on Nørrebro makes gourmet hotdogs, American-style. During the weekend, you can enjoy delicious hot dogs until the early hours of the morning. Big Willy's is Copenhagen's newest gourmet midnight feast.

The place has space for you to stay and eat, but the focus is on take-away dining. The concept is simple - gourmet comfort food. Big Willy's is a hearty alternative to the well-known grillcafés and hotdog stands in Copenhagen.    

On the menu, you will find pork hotdogs such as the Italian, the classic New Yorker and your favourite Chilidog. Soon, a chicken-dog option will be available as well. There is plenty of food to each order - one will easily fill you up.

Big Willy's is owned by the boys behind restaurant Tight in central Copenhagen. The same great atmosphere and high quality is brought to the new take-out joint on Nørrebro.  


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