Billund Bakery & Café

Billund Bakery - Proudly Baked Bread
Craftsmanship and proud, old baker and pastry traditions are just some of the secrets behind our great products. All our bread is baked with leaven. We use long-term swelling or cold swelling methods and the main part of our bread is baked in a stoneoven in order to achieve precisely the high quality and good taste that we demand of our products.

In our shop, we have a large selection of breads and many delicious cakes. You might also be tempted by our daily offers.
We also carry a range of delicacies such as wine, cheese and other speciality products. You will always find something delicious here when you want to pamper yourself or if you are in need of a nice hostess gift.

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Hovedgaden 20-22
7190 Billund


+45 7533 1028


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Longitude : 9.1132620998
Latitude : 55.7320652