The Børge Mogensen Centennial: celebrating mid-century Danish design

In 2014, Denmark celebrates one of the great names of Danish Modern design, Børge Mogensen (1914-72), who pioneered a democratic approach to design and created a wide range of iconic 'Furniture for the People'-pieces.
Friday, April 25, 2014

One of the great names of Danish Modern, Børge Mogensen (1914-72) pioneered a democratic approach to design. Many of his warm-hued designs (mainly crafted from solid wood) were created to offer affordable quality furnishing for the average consumer. Børge Mogensen headed the FDB furniture department (the Danish COOP) for a number of years, introducing the concept of ‘democratic design’ long before IKEA reshaped the Scandinavian furniture market. The private collections of the designer, including prototypes and his art collection, were recently purchased at auction by and are now exhibited by the Trapholt Museum of Art and Design in Kolding, south Denmark and at the Designmuseum Danmark in Copenhagen.

Trapholt Museum
Contextualising Børge Mogensen: The Trapholt Museum of Art and Design hosts a centennial exhibition featuring 26 objects from the designer’s private home. The exhibition will trace the designer’s sources of inspiration and contextualise his designs. 22 January – 5 October 2014. 

Designmuseum Denmark
FURNITURE FOR THE PEOPLE – BØRGE MOGENSEN 100 YEARS: An exhibition at Designmuseum Danmark in Copenhagen will focus on the social agenda of Børge Mogensen’s design approach. Opens 9 May 2014. 

Fredericia Furniture
Copenhagen showroom: Fredericia Furniture, the manufacturer of Børge Mogensen’s ‘Spanish Chair’ (1959), has opened a new showroom in Copenhagen (next to the covered food market). 

Lidkoep cocktail bar
Mixology and the Spanish Chair: For a more tangible experience of Børge Mogensen’s legendary ‘Spanish Chair’ (1959), you can also snuggle up by the fireplace in Copenhagen’s Lidkoep cocktail bar, which is furnished with Børge Mogensen classics. 

Hotel Imperial
The executive experience: Arguably more designer-chic than necessarily ‘democratic’, the Executive Rooms on the 6th floor of Copenhagen’s Imperial Hotel are furnished with designs by Børge Mogensen.

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