Bramsejlskonnerten Maja

Boat trips to the North Sea or Ringkøbing Fjords. Tickets sold on board but can be purchased with discount by city's bakers and tourist office. Facts about topgallant sail schooner. - The 4th largest sailing ship in Denmark. - Denmark's largest charter boat. - Denmark's highest masts and its only topgallant sail schooner. - Owned and operated by the foundation topgallant sail schooner Hvide Sande. - Length: 43 meters. Width: 6.6 meters. Depth: 2.4 meters. - The mast is 28 meters high. - Steel hull. - 24 berths - Space for approx. 60 dining guest in the salon and 24 in the deck house. - Kitchen with service for tableware for 80 people. - 2 toilets with shower.

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Destination Ringkøbing Fjord



Stormgade 2
6960 Hvide Sande


+45 50519242



Longitude : 8.1266725
Latitude : 56.0001402