The Business n' Bricks meeting design concept at Legoland Hotel & Conference

Business and LEGO® Bricks do the trick at LEGOLAND Hotel & Conference

South Denmark's innovative meeting and conference venue, Legoland Hotel & Conference, is one to watch and learn from when it comes to attracting more meetings and conferences to the region.
Monday, May 20, 2013

Meet, play, learn - with LEGO® bricks 

With regulars including Danish and foreign multinationals such as Novo Nordisk and Siemens as well as established University Hospitals in the region, the LEGOLAND Hotel & Conference in Billund excels in offering tailormade solutions carried out by a highly professional hotel and conference staff. 

LEGOLAND Hotel & Conference is uniquely located adjacent to the original LEGOLAND amusement park, only minutes away from the HQ of the world-famous LEGO® toy factory and from Denmark's second largest international airport, Billund Airport, and is not one to rest on its laurels. A few years ago, based on the acknowledgement of creating more 'learning meetings', this venue developed its own 'Business and Bricks' meeting design concept. A concept that has become hugely popular with its clients.

Says Mads Keblovszki, Sales & Marketing Manager at LEGOLAND Hotel & Conference: 

- Daylong conferences are not always much fun, but we do our utmost to blaze a trail in every way imaginable and unimaginable, with creativity knowing no bounds. Clients can have their meeting tailor-made exactly the way they want it and there are countless possible combinations to choose from. Our setting and the meeting design concepts offered are inspired by the LEGO® brick, it is simply in our genes, and when clients come and ‘play’ with us, they soon forget time and place too. Our Business n' Bricks concept can be used in numerous strategic ways by our clients: whether its building a portrait of a key employee for a confrence, creating a company prodcut logo as part of a team building exercise of something else, incorporating the LEGO® brick works!

Successful NOCOGO congress at LEGOLAND Hotel & Conference

In October 2012, NOCOGO, the 1st Nordic Congress on Obesity in Gynaecology and Obstetrics, with 200 participants was successfully staged at LEGOLAND Hotel & Conference. Nanett Mosumgaard, Research Secretary at Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology Odense University Hospital, and co-organiser of the event says:

- I have rarely been met with such good service and willingness to adapt to our wishes and demands, as I did at LEGOLAND Hotel & Conference. Never one to turn down an idea or a request - everything was possible. It was a real pleasure to use the venue and working with professional staff was a big load lifted of my shoulders. Subsequently, I have received numerous emails from participants thanking for a great conference and that's definitely not just our merit, but also down to the unique facilities, great approach to meeting designs and great service at the venue.

Based on the above experience, the organisers of NOCOGO have just re-booked LEGOLAND Hotel & Conference for their next international event, the NOCOGO congress 22-24th October, 2015.

CenSec - Another happy client

On 6-7th February 2013, CenSec (the Centre for Defence, Space & Security in Denmark) also held their annual conference with over 200 international delegates at LEGOLAND Hotel & Conference. The venue was chosen based on a range of key critieria: Accessibility, size, types of accommodation, facilities and professional level. Charlotte Dalqvist, Press Officer at CenSec, says:

- CenSec’s expectations were met to the full. Anything from the facilities used at the venue, the accommodation, personnel, dining and execution of the event was handled extremely professionally and we'd recommend LEGOLAND Hotel & Conference to anyone considering using it.

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