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The exercise is a good way to start a meeting. It is a great icebreaker and makes participants reflect on their reason for participating in the meeting.


In the exercise participants write short texts about another participant. Each participant finds a partner and either sit or stand facing each other in pairs. You can hand out leaflets or books to be written in by participants during the meeting. Alternatively they can use normal paper.

Who are you and who am I?

The two partners start by telling each other about themselves. Two minutes each. Now they know something about their partner.

Writing and drawing

The two partners exchange books. In each other's book they write a description about their partner. Hereafter they draw their partner. Don't worry – it does not need to be a perfect drawing. Remember to give the books back to each other afterwards.

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Ideal group size

Up to 500 participants at the same time


Approximately 15 minutes


An empty book which will be given to the participants at the beginning of the meeting. Alternatively you can use normal paper. Pens or coloured pencils.

Tips & tricks

Show the participants an example of a drawing you have prepared in advance. This removes the pressure of having to make a perfect drawing of their partner.