Det Ny Teater

A theatrical and historical pearl in the center of the city, with more than 1000 places, restaurants and various rooms – for both grand and intimate events.

Det Ny Teater (The New Theatre) was finished in 1908 and, with a 1000 seats and 12.000 m2, it is one of Denmark's largest and most visited theatres.  Since its thorough restoration in 1994, the theater has especially been famous for its internationally recognized music performances. 

The theater is known to carry on the finest traditions with great attention to quality. Our sense of quality is experienced in our meeting as well as our event activities, which are characterized by our professional solutions for light, sound and scene changes. We ensure that the message of an event is remembered and communicated through all elements, like a stage. 

The restaurant, Teaterkælderen, is located under the theater in an old, rustic, backstage basement with columns and archways in large and small rooms decorated with theater photos and posters from productions since 1908.

Key competencies

The theater is unique as a form of art, as the focus is always on the present. No two nights are the same.

The unique experience is also the starting point for Det Ny Theater's work with meetings, conferences and events.

Each event is organized individually. We guide and inspire on the basis of the theater's presence "here and now" and help to create a unique setting, to ensure that the outcome is enhanced for both participants and eventorganiser.

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Contact Det Ny Teater

Mette Wøhlk Veneman

+45 3325 6065

... Or Visit Det Ny Teater

Gammel Kongevej 29
DK-1610 København V

Let us help you with
  1. Denmark's largests musicaltheatre
  2. Special shows tailored to events that are based on the world of musicals
  3. Unique rooms with a theatrical flavour
  4. Top professionel stage technology (light, sound, scene changes)
  5. Creative settings that will be remembered
  6. Involvement exercises that are related to the world of theatre with music, song and movement
  7. Restaurant with singing waiters