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Hotel News Copenhagen

A fast-growing hospitality market, Copenhagen offers an ever-wider choice of luxury accommodation, business hotels and conference venues.

Aarhus hotel

Hotel News Denmark

The MICE market is expanding in many of Denmark’s cities, offering new opportunities within regions with many leading industrial capabilities.

Restaurant Väkst

New Restaurants in Copenhagen

With the international spotlight on Copenhagen’s creative cuisine, new restaurants are constantly emerging. 

Restaurant Værkstedet

New Restaurants in Denmark

Denmark’s larger cities are new foodie hotspots, offering culinary experiences designed for the expanding MICE market nationwide.

Experimentarium, København

Business Venues in Copenhagen

Eye-opening and hands-on. New museums and cultural venues in Copenhagen offer inspiring settings for meetings and business events.

Odeon, Odense

Business Venues in Denmark

Set in wide-open nature or in heritage cities, new attractions across Denmark are the perfect venues for teambuilding and meetings.