Uniting past, present and future

If you go for a walk through the streets of Denmark’s major cities such as Copenhagen, Aarhus or Aalborg, you will typically experience a very varied architecture and urban spaces where old and new stand side by side. It gives a characteristic charm when older urban spaces, buildings and structures are combined with a touch of innovative architecture and design.

A great example of an innovative architectural solution, where history is reconciled with the present, can be found in the former grain silo, located in the port area of Islands Brygge. The silo was abandoned for several years before it was turned into a unique construction. Today ultramodern apartments inhabit the silo, with a wide view over the harbour, combining the past with the present.

Extra historical tips:

- Take a historical walk among colourful facades of old and beautiful houses in Nyhavn.
- Admire classical and modern designer items with a visit to a Danish design museum.
- Get a glimpse of Danish maritime past and present, at the M/S Maritime Museum.

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