ByBi honey Beer - the latest Buzz at the Bella Center and Bella Sky Comwell Hotel

ByBi honey Beer - the latest BUZZ at the Bella Center and Bella Sky Comwell Hotel

First came the sustainable ByBi honey served for breakfast, used as give-aways, etc. Now the latest BUZZ at the Bella Center and neighbouring Bella Sky Comwell Hotel is serving a NEW ByBi honey Beer!
Wednesday, December 18, 2013

A sustainable world class conference and congress venue

The Bella Center in Copenhagen works with sustainability on a daily basis – it is simply a part of the company’s business foundation to integrate sustainable solutions of the future into inspiring experiences today. As Scandinavia’s largest congress and exhibition centre, the venue strives to create an international and innovative world class venue for customers and guests participating in congresses, fairs and other events.

The Bella Center continuously works to optimise and create energy savings through better operations and infrastructure, and to reach its goal of reducing its CO2 emissions by 25% by late 2015 compared to 2007, the venue works with both traditional and innovative solutions in all areas of its operations. To conserve energy, for example, sunlight-reflecting film has been applied to 7,500 square metres of windows at Bella Center.

ByBi honey Beer - the latest BUZZ!

These days, the rooftop of the Bella Center is home to more than 1 million bees – animals that are vital for nature and the environment. In collaboration with the socioeconomic association BYBI (City Bees), Bella Center not only works for a greener Copenhagen, but also to ensure an inclusive labour market.

Says, Majken Schultz, Sales Manager for Bella Center Copenhagen:

- As part of our sustainable strategy, we made an agreement with the socio-economic organization Bybi working to get more bees to the city as the small ani-mals have a significant impact on the urban ecosystem. Without bee pollination, we will not have chestnuts or fruit from our fruit threes. The problem is that bees can’t survive without human help, and unfortunately there are no beekeepers enough in Copenhagen today. We were the first company who ever made an agreement to support the Bybi project. Since then close to 1 million bees now have moved onto the roof of our venue. Besides helping to create a greener Copenhagen, we also help create employment for disadvantaged groups. Homeless people from The Sundholm Shelter, will take care of our bees and they will this summer be trained as beekeepers.


- The Bella Center is home to more than 1 million bees on the building’s roof.

- The beehives are tended by homeless people, asylum seekers and long-term unemployed people.

- The city bees produce 300 kg of exquisite honey each year.

- All the proceeds go to BYBI’s work for a healthier urban nature and a labour market with room for all.

- The latest initiative in Bella Center’s collaboration with BYBI is the honey beer, with BYBI receiving DKK 4 for every bottle sold.

- The Bella Center and Bella Sky Comwell Hotel use the ByBi honey in various ways:

- serve the honey on our breakfast buf-fets in Restaurant BM and in the Sky Bar.

- Sell the honey to guests as a souvenir from Denmark, as a gift for the family or just as a good memory of the visit to Denmark.

- their Bartenders have developed our own cock-tail "Bella Be Sour" wich includes honey from the bees.

- their Chefs prepare different menus which includes honey from our own breeding and have made their own recipe for a cake or Nordic Panforte made specifically to support the sustainable project and that highlights the taste of honey.

Get a taste of the NEW ByBi Honey Beer at Booth no. F14 during EIBTM – join us at Happy Hour!

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Learn more about staging meetings, conferences and congresses at the Bella Center and Bella Sky Comwell Hotel in Copenhagen via:

Ms. Maiken Schultz, Sales Manager - Bella Center, E-mail: Dir. tel.: +45 3247 2309 and/or 

Ms. Marianne Hauerslev, International MICE Sales Manager – Bella Sky Comwell Hotel Copenhagen, Direct: +45 32 47 35 09, Mobile:+45 27 24 27 02, E-mail:

More CSR-related FACTS:

Other sustainable experiments at the Bella Center are:

- Palm leaf trays and bowls –biodegradable palm leaf trays and bowls for serving.

- 80 tonnes of food waste goes into to the Bella Center’s food grinder – more than 80 tonnes annually – and from thereon off to the local biogas plant, where it is converted into heating and electricity for local homes.

- Local ingredients means less CO2 – and higher quality - 80% of Bella Center’s ingredients are Nordic seasonal foods. Shorter transport time means lower CO2 emissions and fresher and better ingredients.

- All dairy products are organic and Danish and portion servings help to reduce food waste.

- Both Bella Center and Bella Sky Comwell serve Nordic signature dishes in collaboration with local producers who supply high quality foods.

- The Bella Center hosted the United National Climate Conference I 2009 - COP15 – the greenest UN Conference ever held and was actively involved in the 'Copenhagen Sustainable Meetings Protocol' in 2010 

- In 2012 the venue played host to a vast number of meetings during the Danish EU Presidency – which was the most sustainable EU Presidency event ever staged.