Café Maroc

Cafe Maroc is a Moroccan tea salon on Strædet in Copenhagen. The place offers a variety of coffees, many kinds of tea, and cakes and smaller dishes to eat. Head to this little basement cafe to enjoy Moroccan specialties and the cozy, colourful atmosphere.

The interior of Cafe Maroc is done in bright and feminine colours, with decorative pillows on chairs and benches, and colourful postcards adorning the walls. Delicate patterned cups and serving plates complement the style of the interior. The overall look feels very authentic, as it should - owner Zia Mouna, who also runs The á la Menthe around the corner, is Moroccan.

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Kompagnistræde 24
1466 København K


+45 3333 0038



Longitude : 12.5746689
Latitude : 55.676862