Cheche is a consultancy that brings experience and new vision together, with resilience, resourcefulness, innovation and implementation.

Cheche's team of consultants will take care of meetings and conferences by setting up the right framework for them. In any organization of a certain size and a certain age, there is a risk that internal meetings have degenerated into inefficient, tedious, unproductive gatherings that are ultimately a waste of time; this can happen to the regular meetings, the well-planned scheduled meetings, wall-to-wall meetings and all those in between. Cheche helps diagnose and treat organizations to improve this type of meetings.

Conferences are only successful when organizers and participants have 'met' each other. This often requires a lot from content providers, but Cheche is more than willing to demand these requirements on behalf of the participants and organizers.
But the precondition for actually getting any results from the meeting or conference, once someone eventually opens his/her mouth, is the context: the physical, mental, social, individual and collective context. Cheche's consultants know the buttons that can be pressed and the wheels that can be turned in order to mazimize potential benefits. 

Cheche's core competencies

With great enthusiasm and passion, Hans is continuously driven by the modern Danish meeting(r)evolution and doesn't shy away from any methods that will create value for both meeting participants and meeting planners. For the past few years, Hans has been focused on providing first-class services and create higher meeting ROI for Danish, as well as international organizations.
Hans provides advise for meeting organizers with regard to the organization of meetings and conferences that have the participants, customers, guests and their own outcome in mind. He trains content providers, speakers, keynote speakers, facilitators of workshops etc. and helps them to communicate effectively with their audience. He is also frequently used as a moderator, host or facilitator.

Hans is the owner and operator of the consultancy Cheche.

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