Danish regions: Copenhagen

An open, green and liveable city, Copenhagen is celebrated for its quality of life – for its bicycles, contemporary design and Nordic-centred cuisine. One of Europe’s major cruise destinations, the city also offers a historic skyline and waterside modern architecture. North of the city you will find royal heritage, rolling woodlands and romantic seaside towns.

The classic Copenhagen

A royal, historic city, Copenhagen offers renaissance splendour, waterside romance - and the world's biggest Viking ship!

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5 great reasons to visit Copenhagen

1. Classic attractions and royal heritage

2. Green and sustainable living

3. Award-winning Nordic gastronomy

4. Famous design and shopping

5. World-class architecture, art and culture

Getting to and from

Nearest airport
: Cph Airport. Hailed as Europe’s most efficient airport and Scandinavia’s largest hub.

Public Transport
Airport to city: Cph Airport is connected to the city centre (Central Station, Nørreport and Østerport) by regular rail service departing from Terminal 3 every 5-20 min and by metro (to Kongens Nytorv, Nørreport, etc.) departing every 3-7 min (24/7 service).
Travel time: 12 min by regular rail, 14 min by metro. 
Single fare (approx.): DKK 36 (€5).

Copenhagen to Malmö: Cph Airport and the Swedish city of Malmö are linked by Europe’s longest combined rail and road bridge. There is regular rail service between Copenhagen and Malmö every 20 minutes (24/7 service, via Copenhagen airport).
Centre to centre travel time: 34 minutes.
Single fare (approx.): DKK 86 (€ 11,5).

Train tickets: Tickets valid for public transport (bus, train, metro) in Greater Copenhagen are available from vending machines and the DSB ticket office in Terminal 3 (arrival terminal) and from the airport metro platform. Read more about mobile ticketing at

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