The ‘Copenhagen Meeting Planner Guide’ app

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VisitDenmark and Wonderful Copenhagen have launched the world’s first meeting planner guide for iPads. The new app makes it easy to browse, search and request suppliers, or create personal selections to share, or use in a presentation.
Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Copenhagen is one of the world’s most popular meeting destinations, known for its easy access; its vibrant, cool atmosphere; its environmental credentials; a great selection of hotels and venues; and its professionalism and efficiency. To further this even more, VisitDenmark and Wonderful Copenhagen CVB this week launched a brand new app that makes it even easier to find out what Copenhagen has to offer for your next event. 

The ‘Copenhagen Meeting Planner Guide’ app is not just another e-book, but a tool which enables meeting planners to choose suppliers based on a number of criteria. Apart from 'capacity' and 'location' one can also search for other factors such as eco-certifications, free WiFi, in-house Meetovators (meeting designers trained in the Danish Meetovation concept), and much more. The app can also supply short facts and texts about why Copenhagen/Denmark is the right choice for X, Y and Z event.

The app allows planners to arrange all this information in a private file for later use, to share with a colleague or client, or to incorporate into a tailor-made presentation. It also allows planners to send direct requests to VisitDenmark or Wonderful Copenhagen for specific assistance with a given event.
The app is the first of its kind. It is available free of charge and can be downloaded to iPads here or as an online version at

The app's listed suppliers are all members of Copenhagen's Meetingplace network, made up of 100 suppliers from the Copenhagen meetings industry, all of whom are endorsed by Wonderful Copenhagen CVB.

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