Creative setup

Use the physical environment in new ways - it will motivate your participants. Work with inspiring interiors and stimulate the senses of your participants with playful light and aromas. The venue could be a meeting room, a theater or outdoors in a forest? Anything is possible, as long as the physical framework generates energy, concentration and creativity!

Who says that the entire meeting must be indoors and that participants have to sit on hard chairs all day long? You can easily make a big difference by, for example, moving participants into an atrium, leting them network with each other in sofas or using exercise balls.

A change in a person's mindset can be triggered by changing the environment or space. This will provide new input to the head and thereby help the brain think clearer. It also provides energy as moving places works as a break in the meeting.

However, obviously functionality comes first. Therefore, it is important to find about the setup that suits your meeting.

Below are a number of tools and inspirational ideas for meeting planners who want to incorporate creative setups in meetings.

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