Broholm Castle

350 years of charm and heritage surround this castle on the quaint island of Fyn. Aside from their "fairytale walk" the castle offers a restaurant that works with local produce.

Perhaps one of the most romantic of castle destinations in Denmark, the 350-year-old Broholm Castle on the island of Fyn (also sometimes called Funen) offers heritage junior suites. The castle estate features a “fairytale walk” and the castle even lends its name to its own apple variety and breed of dogs, the Broholmer. The restaurant serves gourmet cuisine made with local island produce and is headed by the team that formerly helmed one of Denmark’s legendary manor hotels, Steensgaard, which is today a private home. The Broholm restaurant and its culinary events are also open to non-resident guests. Table reservations are recommended. All seasonal menus for 2014 are currently listed on the Danish version of the castle website.

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