Heritage attractions in North Jutland

Hjerl Hede Open Air Museum – living history

History is brought to life by costumed artisans and interpretive volunteers in more than 100 farms and heritage buildings relocated from the North Jutland heathlands. Open during holiday seasons throughout the year. 

Spøttrup Castle – markets and knight’s tournaments

The 600-year-old castle complete with a surrounding moat is located in wide-open nature. Each year, the castle hosts a Medieval Market (Bispens Marked) with knight’s tournaments and events.

Voergaard Castle

A heritage Renaissance castle open to the public during summer months and other holiday seasons. An annual Medieval Festival is held at the castle. During two days in December, the castle is decorated with flower arrangements and seasonal trimmings, creating a magical atmosphere.

Aggersborg and Fyrkat – Viking ring fortress

The 1000-year-old vestiges of what were once Viking ring fortresses with mighty stockades and longhouses are to be found by the inlets of Limfjorden and Mariager Fjord. The Fyrkat ring fortress features a reconstructed longhouse and a small visitors centre

Højriis Castle – the murder mystery

Murder mystery! Visitors go hunting in the 19th century mansion for a mysterious murderer among costumed actors. Clues are provided in English and German, too. The castle gardens also features a ‘poison garden’ with more than 100 different varieties of poisonous plants.

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