Skagen, the home of Anna Ancher

Skagen is one of the most idyllic towns of Denmark

Skagen - land of light

Skagen is famous for its spectacular light, and for centuries artists have been drawn to the place to capture the incredible colors and nature there, including famous Danish painters Anna Ancher and her husband Michael Ancher.

The impressive sand dunes, the charming miniature yellow-painted houses and the spectacular light are still found in Skagen, making it a favorite summer vacation spot for the many out-of-towners who continue to return every year.

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About Skagen

Skagen is a town, with a population of approximately 8.000, situated right on the northernmost tip of Denmark.

It takes its name from the region, which projects into the waters between the North Sea and the straits of Denmark, and at the sandy, shifting headland known as Grenen, it is possible to experience the sight of waves clashing together from each side of the tip.

Once a remote, sparsely populated fishing area, the region has become a very popular holiday destination, due in part to the Skagen painters.

The Skagen painters

The Skagen painters enjoyed the reputation of a bohemian lifestyle, encompassing not only painters, but also writers, and other influential people.

While only a few were full-time residents of the area, they were often joined by friends, especially during the summer months. They would regularly gather at Brøndum’s Hotel, which is still in operation today.