Original Nordic food in Denmark

The taste of original Nordic food

Monday, January 16, 2017

From the legendary open sandwiches to gourmet hot dogs, fresh fish, local cheese and outstanding organics, Denmark invites you to enjoy a stunning selection of amazing food – in cool coastal vistas, vibrant city centres or quiet and lush countryside settings. Head for charming inns, fun food festivals and cutting edge Michelin-starred restaurants and get a taste of the proud Nordic food tradition.

The Nordic cuisine

Nordic cuisine has been on a heart-pounding rollercoaster journey over the past decade and today Denmark is among the World’s most innovative and exciting in the field of gastronomy. Locally sourced specialities, organic produce in a league of its own and a tribute to the concept of earth to plate and soil to soul has put Denmark firmly on the global culinary map. With some of the best Danish chefs, foodies and gastronomy enthusiasts leading the way, there’s an eye-popping array of fine foods to choose from.

Michelin-starred restaurants

The Nordic cuisine is found in every corner of the country and you don’t have to search far and wide for an extraordinary experience. The capital Copenhagen and second city Aarhus (in Jutland) offer a combined total of no less than 18 Michelin-starred restaurants – among these the supreme Danish dining darling Noma (voted best restaurant in the World, 2014), and the three Michelin restaurants in Aarhus: Frederikshøj, Gastromé and Substans.

Traditional treasures

If you’re looking for a dose of Danish life there are plenty of traditional treasures to choose from. Try a hot dog oozing with flavour at one of the many small street-side stands (a 'pølsevogn'), enjoy 'smørrebrød', a delicate garnished open sandwich on dark rye bread, and indulge in the many sweet and mouth-watering versions of the world famous Danish pastry. And don’t forget the most traditional dish of them all – Crispy Pork with Parsley Sauce – best accompanied with an ice-cold Carlsberg beer or a beer from one of the numerous Danish micro-breweries.

Hands-on experiences

Hot on the heels of the culinary city scene, you’ll also find lots of atmospheric and historic inns, castles and manor houses scattered across the country, offering a great variety of both classic Danish dishes and contemporary flavours from New Nordic Cuisine – often based on seasonal organic foods and tasty local dairy products.
And it doesn’t end here. A host of Danish farms are open to visitors, inviting you to buy fresh local produce on the spot and to take part in fun farm activities like picking strawberries. And should you crave an extraordinary hands-on experience, the Wadden Sea Center in the Danish Wadden Sea (national park in South West Jutland) offers a unique chance to hand pick your own oysters.

Danish food festivals

The many food festivals held across Denmark throughout the year present another unique chance to sample Nordic cuisine in all its many forms. From Tangkrogen Food Festival in Aarhus and Shellfish Festival in Mors, to Copenhagen Cooking – one of the biggest in Northern Europe – Danish food festivals pay tribute to food culture, Nordic cuisine and the passionate players on the gastronomic stage.

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5 must-try foods in Denmark:

1. Freshly caught oysters from Vadehavet 

2. A hot dog from a local hot dog stand, the Danish pølsevogn

3. Locally produced cheese from one of Denmark’s many organic farm shops

4. Smoked herring (’Sol over Gudhjem’) on the island of Bornholm

5. Marsh lamb from South Jutland

Did you know...

Denmark is the home of several micro-breweries, many of which are open to visitors

In 2017 Aarhus and the Central Denmark Region is awarded the title of European Region of Gastronmy

You can live the Danish fairy tale and soak up some history at one of the many Danish castles and manor houses

You can find inspiration at a variety of different Danish food festivals in 2017

BBC Lifestyle’s TV series ’Nordic Cookery’ presents 8 programs about traditional Danish cooking

The Danish national dish, ’Classic Danish’, is Crispy Pork with Parsley Sauce


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