Danish Design & Architecture

Danish design is known the world over and Denmark has been a leading nation in the design field for decades. From Danish furniture to Danish fashion and Danish toys, Denmark continues to produce world-renowned design classics. Scandinavian design, and in particular Danish design, has become synonymous with timeless style. And Danish architecture is also known around the world. Look no further than the Sydney Opera House (Designed by Dane) or today's rockstar architect Bjarke Ingels. Learn more about Danish design and architecture below. 

Danish fashion

Danish fashion

Keep an eye out for these hot Danish names and fashion labels, making their mark at home and abroad.

Arne Jacobsen Danish design

A Design Tour of Denmark

Explore Denmark's design history by following on the trail of great Danish designers across Denmark.


LEGO® – the world's favourite toy

Did you know that LEGO® is a Danish company? Here are some other things you may not know about the world’s favourite toy.

Cargo bikes

Danish Bike Design

Danish Design is known for more than chairs and lamps! Learn about types of Danish bikes and why Danes prefer to cycle to get around. 

Kunsten Aalborg

21 Iconic Danish Buildings

If you want to see the top buildings in Danish architecture, these are the ones. 

M/S Maritime Museum, Helsingor

Bjarke Ingels' Iconic Buildings in Denmark

Bjarke Ingels is probably the best-known Danish architect in the world and his work is amazing to see. Check it out here. 

Danish architecture

Danish architecture

Read more about the strong history and exciting future of Danish architects and buildings, at home and abroad.


Copenhagen's Architecture

If you have an interest in architecture, you'll love Copenhagen; a mix of old-fashioned charm and iconic, modern buildings.