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Welcome to Christianshavn: the maritime neighborhood of Copenhagen. This area of Copenhagen is almost completely surrounded by water and it has become a popular area for Copenhageners to live, because of its unique maritime atmosphere, charming cobbled streets, cozy vibe and unique feel of a small town within a big city. Let the local Marianne Frost guide you to her favorite neighborhood in Copenhagen.

#Summerfeeling by the water

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"Christianshavn is unique because of the feeling that you enter a small town within Copenhagen, even though you’re only 10 minutes away from the city center. There’s a very homey atmosphere here. Actually, in many ways Christianshavn isn’t just a neighborhood, but a lifestyle and a community and Christiania adds to that feeling, too. I’d say that the pace is just a little slower here than in the rest of Copenhagen; people take their time to just sit and observe life around them. I still pinch myself when I turn the corner and see the canals. The clear water and the boats always put me in a vacation mood, even though I'm right at home." 

The #architecture of Christianshavn

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"The architecture on Christianshavn is as diverse as the population. Christianshavn is an old working class neighborhood, but today it ranks among the most exclusive areas in Copenhagen. I think the most unique building is the Masting Crane from 1748, but Christianshavn is also home to The Royal Danish Opera House. The Opera house has a glass facade facing Amalienborg Palace (the Royal residence) on the other side of the harbor, and it was constructed by the Danish architect Henning Larsen and sponsored by Mærsk, the well-known Danish shipping magnate. I think the mix between the old and new buildings work well, but I especially love the older colorful buildings that reflect in the canal and the cobble stoned streets. I’m lucky enough to live on one."

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 Marianne Frost

Marianne Frost is a 39-year old project manager who moved to Christianshavn in 2013. Besides taking photos of beautiful Christianshavn she also writes for the local newspaper "Christianshavneren" and is a contributing editor at Global Storybook, a website devoted to traveling.

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