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Denmark Instagrammed: Copenhagen architecture

What should you see when you're in Copenhagen? Yes, Copenhagen has great attractions and restaurants, but the city itself is also something to experience. It's full of instagrammable spots; a cosy capital where old-world cottages rub up against striking new buildings by some of the biggest names in international architecture. Karren Vikke knows all these picture-worthy places. Her instagram profile @vikkeview brings thousands of people closer to Copenhagen's unique buildings and atmosphere daily. Here, she's chosen 5 pictures to lead you into your own Instagram tour of Copenhagen.

1. Karen's #InnerCity Recommendations


'The perfect day in Copenhagen for me is a mix between exploring the town by just walking or cycling around, perhaps going to an exhibition or to see a movie in the cinema and then get some good food from one of the many eateries that Copenhagen has.

I really love to have the time to explore the city, to go into the different courtyards in the centre of the city and down small alleyways I never normally would go. I find that I stumble upon the little quaint details on a house or something similar.

In the city centre I think it's a great idea to get a view of Copenhagen from above. The Round Tower and Christiansborg Tower both have really breath-taking views. The Round Tower's winding pathway to the top is especially beautiful when the sun shines in!

I would also recommend a trip to the National Gallery of Denmark – their exhibitions are always worth the visit and the rooms and buildings of the museum in itself is very impressive.'


2. Instagrammable spots on #Amager


Woke up early today to explore the colourful streets of Copenhagen! #VisitDenmark #InCopenhagen

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'If you have only one day in Copenhagen I would recommend spending time exploring the city's beautiful architecture. I would start at the Kalvebod Wave and walk from there towards the cycle bridge and over to Islands Brygge where the Gemini Residences are. It's such a pretty stroll!

After that I would jump on the metro to Vestamager station (Ørestad), where there are, in my eyes at least, many architectural wonders. Then onwards to Christianshavn taking stroll through the quaint old streets and along the canals to really get a feel of the fantastic atmosphere it has before continuing over the bridge towards the city centre.'

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Karen Vikke @vikkeview

Karen Vikke

Karen Vikke grew up on the island of Lolland, but she's spent all her adult life living in the Copenhagen district of Nørrebro. As well as running her own profile @vikkeview, she's a co-moderator of the @peoplebikingpastwalls account. Here's a glimpse of life in Copenhagen through her lens. 


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