Denmark Instagrammed: Copenhagen City Center

Copenhagen City Center is the city's oldest neighborhood, full of historical landmarks, cobbled stone streets and crooked houses. The city center is the political and historical heart of Copenhagen and is also home to Strøget, one of Europe's longest pedestrian shopping streets, cozy cafés, renowned Michelin restaurants, charming canals and a modern waterfront. We asked the local Copenhagener Kat to share some of her best tips for exploring Copenhagen city center.

Classic #Copenhagen


"The streets Snaregade and Magstræde are some of the oldest streets in Copenhagen. In my opinion, they are also some of the prettiest! I love the crooked and colored houses and the old cobbled streets, and I never get tired of coming here. Most of the houses on Magstræde are from the 17th and 18th century, and luckily they survived the two big fires in Copenhagen in the 18th century, so we can still enjoy them today."

The Royal Guards at #AmalienborgPalace


"Every day at noon you can experience the changing of The Royal Guards at Amalienborg Palace. The guard marches from Rosenborg Castle to Amalienborg Palace, so if you’re in that area around 11:30am, you can see the guards marching through the streets. The number of guards vary, depending on whether Her Majesty The Queen is taking up residence at Amalienborg or not."

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Copenhagenbykat spends a lot of time in Copenhagen city center and she usually brings her camera along. As Kat's Instagram gallery reveals, she particularly likes street photography and loves capturing charming street scenes when walking the streets of Copenhagen.

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