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Denmark Instagrammed: Vesterbro

Vesterbro in Copenhagen used to be a neighborhood for the working class, but today it's known as one hippest areas of Denmark's capital. Vesterbro is home of the hipsters: fashionable but not polished, and cool but not pretentious. The trendy Meat Packing District, once home to all the butchers, is one of the coolest parts of town with gourmet restaurants and great bars and clubs. Let the local Roberts Osis guide you to his favorite neighborhood in Copenhagen.

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"Vesterbro is peaceful and energetic at the same time. The streets are always full of life, and the neighborhood is especially buzzing during the summer. To me, the gist of Vesterbro-vibe is just hanging out with good friends and maybe having some good food or a couple of beers. It feels like you are in a park, but what you see in the picture is actually just the side of the road that's covered with grass. Vesterbro is full of contrasts. It's not necessarily pretty, but the people and the vibe makes it beautiful. People who hang around here are just nice and happy and the green areas are never empty."

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"I moved to Vesterbro almost three years ago, and the relaxing vibe and great location in Copenhagen completely stole my heart. I knew for sure that this was the right place to wake up every morning. Everybody is welcome here and no one judges you. Vesterbro is home to families with small children, skaters, students, hipsters and elderly, and everyone lives in peace with each other. You have the space to be yourself. The area around Enghaveplads is a great place to see all the different kinds of people that call Vesterbro home."

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Denmark Instagrammed: Vesterbro

Vesterbros_gader is run by 28-year old Roberts Osis, who started the Instagram account out of his love to Vesterbro in Copenhagen. He lives in Vesterbro and hopes to one day publish a book with his pictures of the neighborhood.

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