Discover the Heart of Denmark on Ipanema Beach

Daily DJ sessions, Danish bicycles, brick-building activities, virtual reality trips to Denmark and much more will form part of the 'Heart of Denmark' pavilion in Rio - an ambitious 20 day showcase celebrating the best of Danish culture, lifestyle, export brands and design. The event is free for all, so come discover what Denmark has to offer between 3-21 August on the iconic Ipanema Beach during the Rio 2016 Olympics.

Officially dubbed 'Heart of Denmark', the Danish hospitality house will be packed with exciting activities and fun and interactive events during this summer’s most prestigious sports event. Building on Danish values and strengths, such as community, sustainability, innovation, urban mobility and great fashion and design, the Danish pavilion is all about sharing information and togetherness and will be accessible to all.

Says Jan Olsen, CEO of VisitDenmark: 

“Denmark is a small Nordic country, relatively unknown outside of Europe and we are delighted to get the opportunity to share some of the best of what Denmark has to offer across sectors, brands and products at the Heart of Denmark pavilion - right here in Rio de Janeiro."

"We are also very pleased that LEGO accepted our invitation to build its own pavilion next to ours. LEGO has become one of the world’s strongest brands, because they know how to take children’s play seriously and they recognize its significance in child development and learning. The same line of thought is reflected in many other parts of Danish society, where play is used as a means to bring people together and to encourage innovation and creativity. And it is some of these Danish examples, that we would like to share with our many guests at the Heart of Denmark pavilion", Olsen adds.

A plethora of exciting activities and pop-up events
Join the Danes for daily DJ sunset sessions from 5pm-7pm and look out for announcements of evening concerts too. Share ideas on the artistic ‘Happy Wall’ outside the pavilion, follow all the action on giant TV screens and check out the cool Danish bicycles on display. Go on a virtual reality tour of Denmark and let your children play at the associated LEGO® pavilion next door. Enjoy the innovative and interactive exhibitions and take part in a variety of pop-up events from yoga classes to beer tasting, attempts to make Guiness Book of World Records and fun games.

With lots of shareable, interactive and engaging experiences, the Heart of Denmark pavilion will be a festive meeting point for the Danish delegation where athletes will celebrate their victories with the Danish community, the general public and international visitors alike. The Heart of Denmark pavilion will also be a platform for Danish business, culture, sports and tourism to enhance global awareness of Danish traditions, core values and competences as well as showcasing a variety of sectors where Denmark has international prominence.

Pavilion inspired by Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer
Located on the world-famous Ipanema Beach in an impressive 300m2 pavilion, the Heart of Denmark pavilion has been designed as a tent construction composed of four sections of metal profiles covered in white canvas. The four structures are connected by a transparent acrylic cross - a clear reference to the Danish flag - and will be illuminated at night. Its open spaces permit natural light and ventilation to flow and provide spectacular ocean views. In addition, the Heart of Denmark pavilion will also feature an associated 75m2 playground by Danish toy manufacturer LEGO.

Designed by acclaimed Danish architecture firm Henning Larsen Architects, who also designed Copenhagen's iconic Opera House and the new Moesgaard Museum in Aarhus, the pavilion’s simple, light and bright expression is a reference to Nordic architecture and design and to Denmark’s maritime history. The design was also inspired by Rio de Janeiro’s hilly landscape and pays tribute to Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer.
They say that the Danes are the happiest people in the world, so come along and join us and find out why!

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The Danish pavilion is open to the public 3-21 August 2016 from 11am to 10pm. Admission is free. 

Get a quick overview of the full programme

The inauguration of the pavilion takes place 2nd August and will be attended by members of the Danish Royal Family and members of the International Olympic Committee.


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A 300 m2 pavilion will provide the backdrop for a largescale Denmark promotion of Danish business, culture, sport and tourism during the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio. The aim is to inspire visitors by showcasing the country in all its finery and to add to the global understanding of Danish values and creativity. The Danish pavilion, which has been dubbed “Heart of Denmark” has been designed by Henning Larsen Architects and is located on the world-famous Ipanema Beach. The Danish Ministry of Business and Growth and VisitDenmark are co-hosting the event, which has also been supported and developed in cooperation with The Industry Foundation, Nordea-fonden, Realdania and Grundfos.