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4 August 11am-4pm

MULTIPLAYER music workshop – meeting people through music
Let the music inspire you and join an online electronic band at this alternative music workshop which is all about meeting people through music and computers. Workshop participants will be introduced to the brand new Ableton feature Link, a leading software in live electronic music performance and creation which makes interaction between multiple computers and musicians easy. Using your computer as an instrument can be a shortcut to collaborating with other passionate musicians from around the globe and this programme facilitates a platform for exchanging ideas and playing music together. So come on down and join the Heart of Denmark electronic music orchestra!

5 August

Recycling-band music workshop 11am-4pm
The only limitation is your imagination when creating musical instruments from waste and thrown out household items combined with technology and electronics at the rubbish-band workshop 5th August. The Heart of Denmark pavilion will be a space for creativity at this fun and away from the mainstream music workshop where children will be taught to make groovy sound installations and to play various creative instruments, such as the robot drums, whilst also learning to make alternative use of rubbish.

Phronesis Live in Concert 8pm-10pm
Danish/Swedish/British trio Phronesis is one of the hottest names on the European jazz-scene at the moment. They are bringing a jazzy feel to the pavilion 5th August.

6 August 8pm-10pm

Daniel Jobim and Jakob Bro Live in Concert
Neo Nordic Bossa Nova will fill the air at the Heart of Denmark pavilion when Danish jazz musician Jakob Bro who teams up with Brazilian musician Daniel Jobim, grandson of the legendary Bossa Nova composer Tom Jobim. The duo performs on 6 August.

6-7 August 12pm-8pm

Building a LEGO® bike brick by brick
LEGO® originates from Denmark and the bricks are a vital part of every Dane’s childhood. The name is an abbreviation of the Danish words for play and well - “LEG” and “GODT” - and has become one of the strongest toy brands in the world by taking children’s play seriously as learning and innovation.

There will be plenty of building fun at the Heart of Denmark pavilion 6-7 August when Brazilian AFOLs (Adult Fans of LEGO) will attempt to build the world’s largest green bicycle from LEGO bricks. Visitors will also get a chance to get their hands on the colourful bricks and test their LEGO-building skills by helping out with the creation of colourful miniature LEGO bikes at the LEGO-workshop 6-7 August.

8 August 3pm-6pm

Sport Unites Nationalities
Former professional golf player and winner of the European Tour tournament in Madrid Open 2007, Mads Vibe-Hastrup, and Intuitive Coach, Luise Thye-Østergaard, will share their views on how an athlete’s state of mind is interlinked with achieving successful results in sports at the Heart of Denmark pavilion through a number of talks and practical exercises. Based on the notion that emotionally balanced athletes perform better, the pair have developed a concept called Sport Unites Nationalities and together they have written the book “Sport and Emotions”. It describes their 4-step model to success through a theoretical approach, examples from the world of sports and suggestions for personal development exercises.

Strike a blow for Denmark
This year is the first time ever in the history of the Olympic Games that golf has been included in the event programme. To celebrate this, we are giving visitors to the Heart of Denmark pavilion a chance to test their putting skills when Denmark’s newest great talent, Thorbjørn Olesen, who ranges amongst the world’s top 65 professional golfers, and Mads Vibe-Hastrup share their golf tips and tricks as well as their personal experiences with sport and emotions over a game of crazy golf. Media will be able to interview Thorbjørn Olesen bw. 4:30-6pm.

9 August 5pm-9pm

Harboe Beer Launch
At this festive pop-up event, Danish beverage company Harboe will serve up their take on the popular caipirinha cocktail using their newly launched Harboe Caribia ginger beer as a mixer. The event takes place in the B2B lounge at the Heart of Denmark pavilion and it will be closed to the public. Media interested in visiting should email heartofdenmark@visitdenmark.com

10 August 11am-10pm

Football Fever and flavoursome food: 10 August
Expect flags, music, face paint and lots of football fun at the Heart of Denmark pavilion for this festive football fever pre-game party. Denmark and Brazil are set to lock horns in the Men’s Olympic Football Tournament after Denmark secured their place by reaching the semi-finals of the UEFA European Under-21 Championship last year. The match will be played in Fonte Nova Arena in Salvador at 10pm but kick off at the Heart of Denmark pavilion will be at 4pm when professional Danish futsal player, 26-year-old Morten Haugland and his Brazilian team mates show off their skills with an incredible freestyle futsal performance on Ipanema Beach. The Danish super talent, who plays futsal for Botafogo/Helencio, the ruling champions of Campeonato Carioca - the official Regional Championship of Rio de Janeiro, is the first Dane in history to play futsal professionally in Brazil. During this fun event guests will also get a chance to sample some traditional Danish open faced sandwiches known to the Danes as smørrebrød.

11 August 11am-12:30pm

Bring out your inner yogi
Inspired by the five main emotions love, fear, anger, grief and jealousy, Luise Thye-Østergaard, will share her views on how we gain access to these intangible emotions through yoga and sport following a 45 minute yoga session on 11 August. Afterwards, participants are invited to enjoy a healthy Danish-inspired light meal together with their fellow yogis. By invitation only.

Press interested in attending these events should contact heartofdenmark@visitdenmark.com

14 August 

Mermaid Festival 2pm-10pm
Fun activities for all mermaid and mermen fans all day long at the Heart of Denmark pavilion. Take a selfie with The Little Mermaid, get your face painted or dress up as a mermaid/man. The iconic Little Mermaid statue in Copenhagen is inspired by the popular story written by Danish fairy tale writer Hans Christian Andersen.

Follow the Rainbow to the Heart of Denmark’s Mermaid Party 2pm-10pm
The Mermaid Party kicks off in spectacular style with a colourful fashion show, live music, glitter and rainbow flags galore before the Mermaid Award Show where the winner of “Best Mermaid at the 2016 Rio Olympics” will be declared. This delightfully camp competition is going to be both fabulous and fierce and is guaranteed to bring lots of entertainment and rainbow atmosphere to the Heart of Denmark pavilion.
Denmark prides itself on welcoming the LGBT community and Denmark was in fact the first country in the world to recognize registered partnerships for same-sex couples. In 2009, it became possible for registered gay couples to adopt, and in 2012 for gay people to be married in church.

Body Bike launch 11am-5pm
Fitness enthusiasts are also welcome to attend the launch of a brand new Danish indoor BodyBike when introduced at the Heart of Denmark. 3x45 minutes spinning sessions will take place and if spaces are available, one is welcome to join in.

15 August 10:30 am-2:30pm

Sustainability Day – closed to the public
The Confederation of Danish Industry hosts an event dedicated to sustainability – a Sustainability Day. The Danish Minister of Business and Growth Troels Lund Poulsen, the Danish Minister of Foreign Affairs Kristian Jensen, and H.R.H. the Crown Prince will visit the pavilion for a tour of the exhibition, a business session on sustainable development and a lunch reception. This event is closed to the public – members of the press interested in joining can contact heartofdenmark@visitdenmark.com

17-19 August 4pm-10pm

Recycle together at the #heartofdenmark pavilion in Rio
Art students from the NGO art and technology school Spectaculu will be constructing a heart shaped art piece made from recycled cans and other reusable tableware collected at the Heart of Denmark pavilion, such as paper cups and tin cans. The construction of the art piece will take place in the pavilion on a base decorated as the Danish flag and the heart will be exhibited on the beach after completion. The exciting art piece will be created with inspiration from Director of Spectaculu, Vik Muniz’s international award winning documentary Wasteland. The renowned art professor Eric Fuly, whom recently created a large Madonna sculpture out of rubbish collected on the Botafogo beach in Rio, where the sculpture is currently on display, is heading up this project alongside some of his art students. Fuly is passionate about integrating young people from disadvantaged communities in Rio through the creation of art and design from recycled materials.

19 August 8pm-10pm

The Wenzell & Bugge duo will put on a mix of Danish folk and classical percussion during their live performance 19th August.

20 August 8pm-10pm

Danish pop band Panamah, whose hit single “Børn af Natten” was the first ever hit with Danish lyrics to be played on Brazilian radio back in 2013, will be joined by Brazilian musicians when they play a special Rio-edition concert Saturday 20th August.


Daily challenges
Ask at the pavilion for more information about the daily ‘Heart of Denmark Challenge of the Day’ – where guests can compete together on friendly terms in a variety of fun games and trials!

How to dress like an athlete
Come and visit, and be inspired by, the some of best of Danish sustainable architecture, timeless interior design, industrial design and design to improve life, cool designer bikes and much much more when Denmark takes over Ipanema Beach 3-21 August.

Danish fashion company BESTSELLER has designed the outfits for the Danish Olympic and Paralympic athletes competing at this year’s Summer Olympics in Rio and they are bringing samples from the official collection to the Heart of Denmark pavilion to showcase the latest in sports clothing. Several Danish athletes have been involved in the design process and the collection features everything from casual to formal wear, including Medal Suits and the outfits worn by the athletes for the Opening Ceremony at Estádio do Maracanã and official receptions and events.

Good Vibes at the Heart of Denmark pavilion
The Heart of Denmark pavilion will be the place to be for spectacular views of the sun setting behind the Two Brothers Mountain. Enjoy the sunset accompanied by great tunes from the pavilion’s Danish resident DJs at the daily Sunset Parties from 5-7pm.

The Bike Café
Combining two of the Danes’ favourite things; bikes and coffee, the Heart of Denmark pavilion’s Bike Café will be serving up sustainable craft-made specialty coffee from a traditional cargo coffee bike. Promoting the simple pleasures of city life, such as coffee drinking and bike riding, the Bike Café baristas will be serving Brazilian coffee from the Southern part of Minas Gerais in biodegradable cups, and 10 % of their sales will be donated to the urban Brazilian bike project Instituto Aromeiazero.

Charge your phone with pedal power
Both innovative and sustainable, the smart bike is a great example of the Danish way of life. By connecting a phone to the smart bikes on display at the Heart of Denmark pavilion, visitors can pedal for power and charge their phones.

Plant a pencil
A pencil that can supply fresh herbs or crispy veg for dinner may sound like a peculiar idea, but it exists nonetheless. When the Sprout pencil has done its duty as a writing instrument, it is ready to be planted. The eraser is replaced with a special seed capsule containing pesticide-free seeds, while the pencil itself is made from sustainable cedar wood with a point of clay and graphite. Within a couple of weeks after planting, the pencil will begin to sprout. At the Heart of Denmark pavilion, you can observe the pencil’s sprouting process on the shelves around you and bring home a Sprout pencil of your own.

Heart of Denmark Exhibition: Live Together
The art of living together is also about creating great cities with room for people, about democratic urban spaces and much more. Danish cities have on numerous occasions been declared the best cities in the world to live in. At the Heart of Denmark exhibition on Ipanema you can experience more about the Danish approach to building cities that are clean, safe and designed for living the good life.

Send an interactive postcard from Denmark
Send a postcard from Denmark on Ipanema Beach. Standing in front of an interactive screen which can trace faces, visitors engaging with the screen will automatically be placed in a typical Danish scenario visiting the enchanting Tivoli Gardens in the heart of Copenhagen, posing with a bike on the iconic Bicycle Snake Bridge or just about to dive into the water at Islands Brygge Harbour Bath. The interactive postcards can be shared with family and friends via social media using the Danish Pavilion’s official hashtag #heartofdenmark or sent to friends and family via email.
Pack your suitcase and go on a virtual reality tour of Denmark
Inspired by H.C. Andersen’s popular fairy tale “The Flying Trunk”, a green grass covered cargo bike loaded with red suitcases will offer visitors to the Heart of Denmark pavilion a chance to experience Denmark first-hand. Simply jump aboard one of the suitcases, put on a pair of Virtual Reality glasses and explore Denmark’s open landscapes and bike-friendly cities on a flying visit to some of the country’s most stunning sights and fascinating landscapes - a true fairy tale experience!

Spread joy and share ideas on the artistic Happy Wall
The only limitation is your imagination when engaging with the Happy Wall installation - an analog interactive pixel screen created by Danish artist and designer Thomas Dambo. The art piece consists of hundreds of wooden blocks on spinners in various colours and by flipping the blocks into different patterns, you can create your own statement, drawing, word or expression and share what makes you happy.

Together Wall
Finish the sentence ‘Together we will…’ and post it with a selfie on the ‘Together We Will’-grid or share it across social media using @togetherwewill #heartofdenmark and #GlobalGoals. Urging people to take action, the Together Wall has been designed with inspiration from the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals for 2020 which aim to mobilize efforts to end all forms of poverty, fight inequalities and tackle climate change, while ensuring that no one is left behind. The seven Heart of Denmark themes - live together, commute together, eat together, play together, innovate together, design together and recycle together all form part of the solution and this interactive installation gives people the opportunity to suggest how they think we can reach the 17 UN goals – together.

The Together Wall is also an interactive installation where visitors can sum up their experience in the Heart of Denmark pavilion in a reflective and playful manner through the wall’s interactive features, such as the spinning wheel commanding good deeds.

Exhibition: A State of Green
State of Green, the official green brand for Denmark, gathers all leading players in the fields of energy, climate, water and the environment. Check out the State of Green box and much more at the Heart of Denmark exhibition to learn more about the Danish experiences.


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The Danish pavilion is open to the public 3-21 August 2016 from 11am to 10pm. Admission is free.

The inauguration of the pavilion takes place 2nd August and will be attended by members of the Danish Royal Family and members of the International Olympic Committee.


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Media attending the Olympic Games are more than welcome to visit the Danish pavilion and to contact the press team for further details on heartofdenmark@visitdenmark.com 


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A 300 m2 pavilion will provide the backdrop for a largescale Denmark promotion of Danish business, culture, sport and tourism during the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio. The aim is to inspire visitors by showcasing the country in all its finery and to add to the global understanding of Danish values and creativity. The Danish pavilion, which has been dubbed “Heart of Denmark” has been designed by Henning Larsen Architects and is located on the world-famous Ipanema Beach. The Danish Ministry of Business and Growth and VisitDenmark are co-hosting the event, which has also been supported and developed in cooperation with The Industry Foundation, Nordea-fonden, Realdania and Grundfos.