MEDIA INVITATION: EMEC 2016 pre-tour to Copenhagen - implementing Meetovation from A-Z

EMEC 2016 pre-tour to Copenhagen - implementing Meetovation from A-Z

MEDIA INVITATION: Join us in Copenhagen on the EMEC2016 pre-tour on 7-9 September 2015 to learn more about why and how MPI will implement the strategic Danish meetings design concept Meetovation from A-Z at the European Meetings and Events Conference (EMEC) on 7-9 February 2016.
Thursday, June 25, 2015
Copenhagen and Denmark are frontrunners within two prevailing trends in the meetings industry: strategic meeting design and sustainable meetings management. Hence, when Copenhagen plays host to MPI's EMEC 2016 the delegates will not only be presented to best practices within these two key trends, they will live them! And so will you if you join our press trip giving a pre-taste of what’s going to be a MINDblowing Meetovated conference using strategic meeting design with a strong green fingerprint.
Apart from experiencing the venues selected for the EMEC 2016, you will find out why MPI's core Event Team recently visited Copenhagen just this April to become certified Meetovators according to the Danish strategic meeting design concept Meetovation. You’ll get the chance to interview MPI HQ on how this will impact the content of the EMEC 2016 making it a state-of-the-art event in our industry. 
The press trip is designed in cooperation with Meetovation experts – whom you will meet at the trip - accordingly to the Meetovation elements: Active Involvement, Local Inspiration, Creative Setup, Responsible Thinking and Return on Investment. 
Preliminary Schedule 7-9 September 2015
Expect to see, meet and experience…
• A selection of the city’s innovative restaurants/hangouts and the city’s greater shades of green - all chosen to support the comprehensive EMEC 2016 experience
Hotel Radisson Blu Scandinavia –  where the EMEC 2016 takes place. Radisson Blu Hotels run the Think Planet CSR programme and the so-called Experience Meetings design concept and have certified Meetovators at all hotels in Copenhagen and is the perfect setting for EMEC 2016.
• VisitDenmark and Wonderful Copenhagen Convention Bureau  - on why they have decided to not only sponsor the EMEC 2016, but engage in a closer collaboration with MPI. 
• Ann Hansen and Bo Krüger – experts in using and training meeting planners in the usage of the Danish Strategic Meeting Design concept Meetovation – developed, used and promoted by Business Events Denmark and Wonderful Copenhagen CVB
MPI Denmark's Host Committee and chapter President – on how they see the unique collaborations around EMEC 2016 as beneficial for both the local and international meetings industry community 
• MPI HQ – interview opportunity with key persons from MPI on why they chose Copenhagen/Denmark for their next conference and how they plan to use Meetovation from A-Z on the event.  
The MPI European Meetings & Events Conference 2016 in Copenhagen, Denmark 
Background information
As a meeting professional, staying up to date is securing your competitive advantages. The industry changes fast, but in the later years meetings design has entered the scene as a crucial factor. Some say we are facing a paradigm shift and a chance to obtain a strong position as a provider of strategic business results instead of just pure logistics and hardware. 
The Danish meeting design concept ‘Meetovation’ is grounded in university studies on how efficient meetings require increased attention to styles of learning, and that involving participants enhances the learning outcome.
The findings have been developed and refined by VisitDenmark, Wonderful Copenhagen CVB and similar institutions around the country in co-creating with a wide range of Danish meeting industry professionals and experts in psychological and pedagogic processes. We call it MINDblowing meetings.
MINDblowing meetings enhance the Return on Investment
The main purpose of Meetovation is to higher the Return on Investment in a meeting, through dialogues with the meeting owner about the purpose of the meeting and by taking Meetovation’s main elements: ‘active involvement’, ‘responsible thinking’, ‘creative setup’ and ‘local inspiration’ into consideration when planning the execution. 
Today ‘Meetovation’ is provided at hotels, venues, among DMCs and incoming companies all over Denmark and has earned international recognition for its pioneering set up involving industry professionals across the country. International meeting planners who have experienced the tailor made MINDfamtrips in Denmark praises Meetovation as outstanding and in 2013, the first brood of international planners where certified Meetovators too. 
The EMEC 2016 will not only share Meetovation techniques, but the conference as a whole will be designed according to the Meetovation concept and the Return on Investment will be documented.
A sense of sustainability
Sustainable meetings management and responsible thinking has been on the meetings industry agenda for a while. Industry surveys show, that there is a focus on sustainability, but numerous reasons to why it’s not core when arranging an event. Copenhagen and Denmark have an impressive track-record in staging eco-certified mega events with the United Nations Climate Change Conference COP15 and the Danish EU presidency as highlights. 
Both events attracted ten-thousands of people and proved that sustainable event management can be used as a tool to optimize your execution in terms of logistics and resources. Add to this, it strengthens the profile of an event and helps you cut costs on the financial side too. 
It’s the ambition to inspire and shoot down prejudices by making the EMEC 2016 a show case of best practice in sustainable meetings management by eco-certifying the conference in accordance with international standards. 
Learn more about all this and more on this pre-tour and show your interest in joining by emailing us directly via: amb@visitde... or

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Your hosts/contact persons on this press group trip are:

Anne Marie Barsøe
Int. PR Consultant, Leisure Tourism & Business Events - Business Events Denmark
amb@visitde...Mob. +45 50 84 70 53
Ulrika Mårtensson
Head of Communications, Meetings & Conventions - Wonderful Copenhagen Convention Bureau / Mob.: +45 2338 3072