The Experimentarium - a Danish Science Museum and unique meeting venue

Experimentarium – Danish Science Museum and unique meeting venue - goes green

An expansion of the Experimentarium north of Copenhagen will centre around sustainable solutions and a striking visual identity.
Sunday, September 15, 2013

The Danish Science Museum Experimentarium situated in Hellerup on North Zealand faces a considerable expansion comprising both  a new visual look and implementation of intelligent, low-energy solutions. The architectural firm CEBRA and Orbicon won the international tender in the summer 2011.

Modern and intelligent solutions

The Future Experimentarium’s objective is to create a modern, intelligent and low-energy building. The project focuses on sustainability and energy-friendliness and the new building is expected ready for use in August 2015. Orbicon manages the project’s construction and mechanical services.

- The new Experimentarium becomes low-energy according to BR2015 (low-energy classification). The sustainable elements are, among other things, that solar power cells are built into the roof of the new building and ventilation on demand with low energy consumption is installed. Concurrently a natural ventilation takes place at both two ends of the building, which lowers the energy consumption. Another unusual feature is the gathering of rain water for toilet flush, explains Mr Ulrik Pedersen, project engineer from Orbicon.

Striking and sustainable design

- The architecture is designed with inspiration from the man-made and the nature – the technology and natural sciences – and the history as a basis for the future, says Mr Lars Gylling, architect in CEBRA. The building moves from being introvert to becoming more extrovert, accommodating and expressive. The future Experimentarium will become more open and the building will to a higher extend communicate with the surrounding urban space. We wish to attract more visitors to the area, e.g. by offering an entrance hall and a café open to the public – this is meant to function as an extension of the public space, a place where people get inspired and grow a desire to learn more about Experimentarium. The building will appear more inviting, in dialogue with the city, Mr. Gylling continues.

Hence, the ambition of the future Experimentarium is to create a new strong, high-tech image, where the sustainability and the architectural expression strengthen the content.

With its 4,000 square meters, the Experimentarium currently offers facilities to cater for any type of event, party, teambuilding session or meeting: A 850 m2 area for temporary exhibitions; a café and gift shop; four different meeting rooms some with space for up to 50 persons; a small stage with room for up to 150 people; and a large film & lecturing hall with the capacity of up to 250 persons. 

The new building will also contain a large exhibition hall, a 400-seat lecture hall, learning facilities and a conference centre.

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