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Eco-Friendly Boat Tour on Varde Ådal River with "Æ' Skiw"

Æ' Skiw now gives the opportunity to experience nature close to the city and the river in a different and environmentally sound way. The nearly 25 year old ship, with seating for 20 passengers, is now powered by solar energy.

Varde Ådal River is part of the Wadden Sea National Park. The river is also the reason why Varde city is located where it is. There are many exciting stories, and now you can hear them while you quietly sail on the river on "Æ' Skiw ".

From May 1th until September 30th, Æ 'Skiw is sailing on Varde Ådal River. Several guided tours have been arranged with some of the most skilled and most committed experts in the nature and culture around the river.

The river is known for its large salmons that many anglers travels long distances in hopes of catching. But the river has previously also had a very significant function for Varde by.

- Varde Å is the whole foundation of Varde city. "For many years the river played a central role in Vardes history and for hundreds of years the river was the main artery of the city's trade" says Lars Bentsen, museum inspector at Vardemuseerne.

Æ 'Skiw has just undergone extensive renovation and rebuilding. Most noteworthy, the ship is now powered by an electric motor whose batteries are charged by solar cells located on the roof.

This solution is very well in line with Varde Municipality's vision "We in Nature" and makes it an even more unique experience when you move freely on the beautiful river.



6800 Varde



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