Agger Church

Village church in Agger.

Small village church - In the Middle Ages the parish included all of six cities and a church, now located several kilometers into the North Sea. The next church was roughly where the seashore is today, and was taken by the sea in 1832. In 1838 the present church opened - designed by architect CF Hansen, the church is the parish's third. The church contains some of the furniture from the former churches - including the font of granite from c. 1200, altar and crucifix from c. 1500, baptismal basin from 1575, and the pulpit from about 1600. The candlesticks on the altar are from 1625, the church bell from 1720, the nave is from 1841, the altarpiece painting from 1880, and the organ from 1977, all belong to the current church's contribution to history. The two cemeteries are characterized by the population's close relationship with the sea. Especially the grave of 13 fishermen, who perished in the same storm in November 1893 - and the monument "The Wave" by Erik Heide, erected at the centenary.