Algade in Ringkøbing

From a time in the 17th century and to the local reform in 1970, the town´s old main street was called Bredgade. Until the mid-17th century the street was dominated by the big merchant´s houses built round a quadrangle, which conducted export of agricultural products and import of all other goods. Retail trade only took place in a little smalle ware store. The south side is still characterized by this time, with parts of facades and wings still preserved, e.g. no 4 ( The toy store ), no. 16 ( N.P. Holm´s bookstore 1851-2001 ) and no. 18 ( Matas ). In the mid 17th century a number of two storied properties were built from Mellemgade to Østerport: No. 7 ( Heidi ) built 1845 has been a tobacco factory. No. 9, with year 1863, was built as a pharmacy. It was here for 250 years, until it in 2001 moved to Torvegade No. 11 ( Pizzeria Italia ) is the former Hotel Hindø from 1857. The stairs is flanked by two " barrels " of cement, ordered from England in 1857. But oh, the ship stranded at Hjerting, the customs in Varde did not know the new building material, so the barrels, with hardened content, was sent with horse and carriage to the orderer in Ringkøbing, who had to pay all expenses. No. 13 ( Former Højskolehotel ) is built in two rounds, west of the gate 1847, east of the gate 1856, addition with wing in 1906 by Plesner. Over the hairdresser´s sign you see a vertical row of drainpipes in the wall. They were for telegraph cables, as a telegraph station was established in the early 1860s.